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How to Make a Chart in Microsoft Word

Sometimes documents you’re authoring can benefit from an illustrative chart. Rather than taking the time to set up a chart in another application and embedding it or copying and pasting it into Microsoft Word, you can use the…

How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Outlook

Tired of seeing the same, bright Outlook interface on your devices? If so, turn on dark mode and get a dark emailing experience in your favorite email client. We’ll show you how to do that in Outlook on desktop, mobile, and w…

How to Name a Table in Microsoft Excel

By default, Microsoft Excel names your tables “Table1”, “Table2”, and so on. If you’d prefer custom names, you can rename your tables in Excel. It’s easy, and it works similarly to assigning names to cell ranges….

How to Remove Gridlines in Microsoft Excel

Gridlines make it easier to read through data tables, which is why Excel adds them by default. They aren’t always necessary in a spreadsheet, however, so we’ll show you how to easily hide them when you don’t need them….

How to Strikethrough in Microsoft Excel

Drawing a line crossing your text is easy with Microsoft Excel’s strikethrough option. You can use a keyboard shortcut or a graphical menu to strikethrough your text. We’ll show you both methods.
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