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How to Delete a Sheet in Microsoft Excel

Don’t need a specific worksheet in your spreadsheet anymore? If so, Microsoft Excel offers two easy ways to delete sheets from your workbook. We’ll show you how to use them, as well as what to do if you can’t delete your shee…

How to Copy a Formula in Microsoft Excel

If you’d like to use the same formula across multiple cells, copy the formula instead of typing it individually in each cell. You can use both dynamic cell reference and absolute cell reference while doing this, and we’ll sho…

How to Highlight Duplicates in Microsoft Excel

Do you want to find and optionally delete the duplicate entries in your spreadsheets? If so, use Microsoft Excel’s conditional formatting option to highlight duplicates and then select an option to remove those items. We’ll s…

How to Lock Formulas in Microsoft Excel

To avoid getting your formulas messed up, you can lock the cells that contain formulas while keeping all other cells unlocked in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. We’ll show you how to do just that.

How to Use the FV Function in Excel

If you use Microsoft Excel for keeping track of your money, you might use it for calculating loan amounts or budgeting your finances. To go along with these, you might track your investments too, which means using the FV func…

How to Delete a PivotTable in Microsoft Excel

If you don’t use a specific PivotTable in your spreadsheet anymore, you have two ways to remove the table in Excel. There’s a keyboard method as well as a ribbon menu option to delete PivotTables. Here’s how to use them….

How to Calculate CAGR in Microsoft Excel

To keep track of an investment such as a mutual fund, you likely want to calculate the CAGR (compound annual growth rate). You can do so in Microsoft Excel using the RRI function and it’s much easier than you might think….

How to Sort by Color in Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft Excel’s sorting feature, you can sort your cells that are either manually colored or conditionally colored by their color. This works for multiple colors and we’ll show you how to implement it in your spreadsh…

How to Truncate Text in Microsoft Excel

If text is a big part of the data in your spreadsheet, you may need to adjust it to fit properly. The TRUNC function in Microsoft Excel works only with numbers. So if you want to truncate text, here’s how….
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