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How to Capitalize Text in Microsoft Excel

With Microsoft Excel’s UPPER , LOWER , and PROPER functions, you can capitalize your text as well as turn your text to lowercase or proper case. You can specify your text as a cell reference or directly in the function. We’ll…

How to Add Months to a Date in Microsoft Excel

Want to see what date it will be after a certain number of months have passed? Using Microsoft Excel’s EDATE function, you can add (or subtract) months to a specific date in your spreadsheets. Here’s how to use it….

What Is the Office Insider Program?

You may have heard about the Office Insider program or read about new Microsoft Office application features available only to Office Insiders. If you’re curious and possibly interested in becoming an Insider, here’s everythin…

How to AutoFill Dates in Microsoft Excel

If you want to fill sequential dates in your spreadsheet cells, you don’t have to type them manually. Microsoft Excel offers two ways to quickly and automatically fill dates in your chosen cells. We’ll show you how to use tho…

How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft Excel macros, you can run a prerecorded set of steps to automate many of your repetitive tasks. You’ll have to turn on the feature before you can use it. We’ll show you how to activate macros on a per-spreadsh…
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