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How to Group Columns in Microsoft Excel

If you organize a spreadsheet by columns, you may only want to work with specific columns at one time. In Microsoft Excel, you can group columns and expand and collapse them as you work. We’ll show you how to do just that….

How to Make a Scatter Plot in Microsoft Excel

A scatter plot, sometimes referred to as a scatter chart or XY chart, compares the relationship between two different data sets. This makes it easier to visualize two sets of values in your Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how it wo…

How to Use the IF Function in Microsoft Excel

Whether you’re grading exams or simply trying to make sense of a spreadsheet full of data, Microsoft Excel’s IF function can help. You can also use an IF function inside of another IF function to run deeper tests, too. We’l…

How to Sum a Column in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel offers multiple ways to sum the values of a specific column. You can use the status bar, AutoSum, and the SUM function to add up the values in your column. Here’s how to use them.

How to Find Circular References in Microsoft Excel

A circular reference in Excel happens when a cell containing a formula is dependent on its own result in some way, creating a loop that can’t be resolved. If you want to stop this error, you’ll need to find and remove these …
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