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Microsoft Excel Now Has a ChatGPT Function

Microsoft announced a Copilot AI feature that is coming to Excel sometime in the future, along with Word, Excel, and other apps. In the meantime, there’s a new function that can plug your spreadsheet data directly into ChatGP…

How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel

Want to remove all the blank rows from your dataset? If so, Microsoft Excel offers both automatic and manual methods to let you clear the blank rows and shift your data up. Here’s how to use those ways….

7 Ways to Sort Data in Microsoft Excel

It’s easy to sort data in Excel alphabetically or numerically. But maybe you want to sort based on color, formatting, or a list like months of the year. We’ll show you different ways to sort data in Excel….

How to Multiply Columns in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is full of useful features, including those for performing calculations. If there comes a time when you need to multiply two columns in Excel, there are various methods for doing so. We’ll show you how to mult…
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