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TextEdit is Notepad for Mac But Better

If you’re switching to a Mac from Windows, you might be wondering: What is the equivalent of Notepad on a Mac? The answer is TextEdit, and it’s much better than Notepad. Here’s why.

Can You Exclude Folders From iCloud Sync on Mac?

Once you’ve turned on Desktop & Documents sync under iCloud settings on a Mac, your files will be available on other macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices provided you have the cloud storage available. But what if you don’t want…

How to Lock Your MacBook Keys for Cleaning

Laptops pick up dust, grease, and grime since they’re constantly in contact with your hands. But due to the way modern MacBooks are designed, cleaning them isn’t a simple case of turning the machine off….

M1 and M2 Macs Are Emulation Powerhouses

Whether you have an Apple Silicon Mac or are thinking of buying one, you should know that Apple’s new processors are great for emulation purposes. Whether it’s modern 3D consoles or 2D classics, the sheer quantity of native A…

How to Fix a Flickering External Screen on a Mac

If you’re using an Apple display with your MacBook or desktop Mac, things are generally flawless. However, non-Apple displays can exhibit weird behavior such as flickering, and it’s not always obvious how to fix it. There a…

How to Fix Apple Notes Not Syncing Over iCloud

Apple Notes is a free note-taking solution with some seriously powerful features, but sometimes you may find that notes refuse to sync between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The problem may be down to how you’ve organized your notes,…

Where Do Screenshots Go on Mac?

If you take a screenshot on your Mac, where does macOS save the screenshot image files? We’ll help you find the screenshot location—and show you how to choose where they end up in the future.

How to Use the Snipping Tool on Mac

The Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool is a marvelous time-saving feature for anyone who needs to capture Windows screenshots. On MacBooks and desktop Macs, there’s an equivalent function called Screenshot that’s even easier to …

M2 vs. M1 MacBook Pro: What’s the Difference?

The M2 MacBook Pro might just be the odd one out in Apple’s notebook line-up, but that doesn’t mean you should write it off completely. If you’re fond of the 13-inch form factor or Apple’s previous design choices, the M2 upgr…

What’s New in macOS 13 Ventura

Arriving on October 24, 2022, Apple’s macOS 13 for Macs and MacBooks comes with the release name Ventura and looks visually very similar to the previous version. A few new features and improvements are coming, some of whic…

Apple M1 vs. M2: What’s the Difference?

The second generation of Apple Silicon is here. The M2 SOC is Apple’s consumer upgrade to 2020’s M1 in the Mac lineup and beyond. Here’s a look at how the two chips compare—and what it means for future Macs….
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