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Where Is the Photos Library on my Mac?

The Photos Library is a bundled file on your Mac that contains all of the images imported into the Apple Photos app. Sometimes you need to locate this library to do advanced troubleshooting or to move it to another machine. B…

How to Hide Recent Apps from the Mac Dock

By default, your Mac shows several of your most recently run apps in a special section of the Dock. If you’d like to hide this history, it’s easy to disable the “recent applications” area in System Preferences. Here’s how….

Where Is the Music Folder on a Mac?

If you have a new Mac, you might be wondering where your “Music” folder is, since Apple doesn’t put it in your Finder’s Favorites sidebar by default anymore. But fear not: It’s still there. Here’s how to find it, and how to a…

Where Is the Pictures Folder on a Mac?

If you recently got a new Mac, you might not see your Pictures folder in the “Favorites” sidebar of Finder anymore. But don’t worry, it’s still there. Here’s how to find the Pictures folder—and how to add it to your sidebar…

How to Make Your Mac Announce the Time

Here’s a neat trick: You can make your Mac announce the time out loud on the quarter-hour, the half-hour, or every hour using a hidden feature in System Preferences. Here’s how to set it up.

How to Quickly Format an SD Card on Mac

There are times when an SD Card starts acting weird. Once you have backed up your data, the only sure-fire way of resetting the SD card is by formatting it. Here’s how to quickly format an SD card on Mac….

How to Change Alert Sounds on Mac

When you try to do something that isn’t allowed on your Mac, it responds with a loud, annoying alert sound. Don’t worry, you can change the alert sound and its volume using System Preferences on your Mac….

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Your Mac

Bluetooth accessories often have long and complex default names that are hard to keep track of. On your Mac, thankfully, you have the option to rename a Bluetooth device to whatever you want—even an emoji. Here’s how….

8 Ways to Lock Your Mac

Locking your Mac is the best way to secure your computer when you have to step away from it. This won’t quit or interrupt any running applications, and you must type your password to get past the lock screen. Here are eight w…
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