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The Best Note-Taking Apps for Mac

Note-taking apps are essential tools for organizing things, and there are many available for macOS. A good note-taking app has all the features you need and none that you don’t.

How to Enable Low Power Mode on Mac

Starting with macOS Monterey, Low Power Mode reduces your Mac’s screen brightness and clock speed to make your Mac quieter and its battery last longer. Here’s how to enable it.

Why Do People Spend So Much Money on MacBooks?

There are a lot of words you might use to describe a MacBook but “cheap” isn’t one of them. It’s true of the price, and also of the overall user experience. While not for everyone, here’s why some of us keep buying shiny Appl…

What Is Finder on a Mac?

If you’ve used a Mac, you might have heard of “Finder.” But what is it, why do you need it, and how do you use it? We’ll explain.

How to Disable Focus Sharing Across iPhone and Mac

By default, if you set a Focus mode on your iPhone, it will synchronize on your Mac (running Monterey or later) and other Apple devices if they are all linked to the same Apple account. If you find this annoying, it’s easy to…

Can You Install Linux on an M1 Apple Silicon Mac?

Not everyone buys a Mac to solely run macOS. The bad news is that as of November 2021, native Linux support on Apple Silicon isn’t yet possible. Progress is being made, however, so let’s take a look at the Linux on Apple Si…

MacBook Pro User’s Guide to Living With the Notch

So you’ve bought or are considering buying a powerful new M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro with a 14- or 16-inch display. There’s just one thing that’s bothering you: the notch. But with the right outlook and a few tweaks, you ca…

How to Clean Install macOS the Easy Way

macOS Monterey adds the ability to factory reset your Mac in just a few clicks without restarting in recovery mode. This is perfect if you’re selling or giving away your laptop, but it only works on Apple’s recent machines….

How to Undo (and Redo) on Mac

Whenever you make a mistake on your Mac, it’s easy to take a step back with Undo. And if you change your mind, you can Redo the last command just as easily in most apps. Here’s how to use them.

How to Trigger Mac Shortcuts From the Menu Bar

Apple’s time-saving Shortcuts app is available on the Mac, and many existing iPhone and iPad workflows work on the desktop too. One of the more useful Shortcuts features is the ability to trigger these actions directly from t…

How to AirPlay From iPhone or iPad to Your Mac

For years Mac users had to use third-party apps like AirServer to use their computers as an AirPlay receiver. With the arrival of macOS Monterey in 2021, you can now AirPlay directly to a Mac, just as you can an Apple TV….

How to Hide the MacBook Notch in an App

The 2021 MacBook Pro has a notch, and some apps may encounter a problem where menu bar items are hidden behind the void. Fortunately, Apple included a toggle for ensuring menu bar items appear below the notch instead….
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