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How to Open Mac Spotlight Results in Finder

Spotlight on Mac is brilliant at quickly launching apps and finding documents. But once you get a list of results, it’s not obvious how to see the file locations in Finder. We’ll show you how to do it….

How to Browse Files on a Mac

If you need to find, move, copy, or delete files on your Mac, you’ll need to use Finder, which is similar to File Explorer on Windows. We’ll show you some basics about how to browse for files and manage them….

How to Set Default Printer Paper Size on Mac

If you print frequently with different paper sizes on a Mac, you might get frustrated if the system is stuck on the wrong paper size that you don’t want to use. Luckily, it’s easy to set the default paper size for all printer…

How to Undo in Apple Notes

If you ever make a mistake when using Apple Notes, you have a couple of ways to quickly undo and redo your changes. We’ll show you how they work on your iPhone and Mac machines.

How to Change Your DNS Server on a Mac

Switching your DNS servers on your Mac can speed up your internet experience; it can make translating domain names into IP addresses faster. If you’d like to change your DNS server, we’ll show you how to do it….

Should You Buy the Mac Studio?

As part of the transition to Apple’s own in-house custom silicon, the company has started filling some gaps in its lineup. This includes a new powerful small form factor desktop machine called the Mac Studio….

Apple’s New Mac Studio Is the Fastest Mac Ever

Every so often, a new product is announced that leaves your jaw on the floor. That’s exactly what the latest Apple Mac Studio did. Apple pulled no punches with its new desktop computer. If you’re even remotely interested in M…

How to Find Downloads on a Mac

If you’ve downloaded a file through a browser like Safari or Chrome on your Mac, you might be confused about where the file ended up. Luckily, there’s a typical place to look first, and we’ll help you find it….

5 Mac Shortcuts for Office Productivity

The Shortcuts app, added with macOS Monterey, gives you easy ways to improve your productivity. Whether you want to share your availability, track your time, or email your schedule, you can do these things and more with a cli…

Dropbox Finally Gets Native M1 Mac Support

Do you use Dropbox to keep your stuff in the cloud? If you use an M1 Mac, you’ve probably noticed that Dropbox isn’t working on it. However, that’s changing, as Dropbox is rolling out support for Apple’s new chips in beta….

How to Find Out How Much Your Old Mac Is Worth

One of the best ways of funding a computer upgrade is by selling your old one, and that’s especially true for Apple products. Macs tend to hold their value much better than comparable Windows PCs, but knowing exactly what to …
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