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How to Trigger Mac Shortcuts From the Menu Bar

Apple’s time-saving Shortcuts app is available on the Mac, and many existing iPhone and iPad workflows work on the desktop too. One of the more useful Shortcuts features is the ability to trigger these actions directly from t…

How to AirPlay From iPhone or iPad to Your Mac

For years Mac users had to use third-party apps like AirServer to use their computers as an AirPlay receiver. With the arrival of macOS Monterey in 2021, you can now AirPlay directly to a Mac, just as you can an Apple TV….

How to Hide the MacBook Notch in an App

The 2021 MacBook Pro has a notch, and some apps may encounter a problem where menu bar items are hidden behind the void. Fortunately, Apple included a toggle for ensuring menu bar items appear below the notch instead….

Should You Buy a 2021 MacBook Pro for Gaming?

The 2021 MacBook Pro is a monster, with 10 CPU cores and up to 32 GPU cores for never-before-seen 3D graphics performance. On hearing this news you might think that the new MacBook Pro is nearing “gaming laptop” territory. Un…

M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook: Which Should You Buy?

Apple Silicon-powered MacBooks just keep getting more powerful and impressive, but how much power do you really need? If you’re torn on which MacBook Pro is best for you, we’ll help make your decision a little easier….

How to Watch Picture in Picture Video on Mac

Want to watch a YouTube or Netflix video while getting a little work done on your Mac? You could add a second monitor, or take the easier, cheaper route and use Picture in Picture mode to keep watching….

How to Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Safari

Starting with Safari 15, Apple’s browser now has a hidden feature that lets you copy all the web addresses (URLs) from dozens of open tabs. Here’s how you can copy links from multiple tabs at once on your Mac, iPhone, and iPa…

How to Select Multiple Files on Mac

Mac makes it easy to select multiple files, so you can batch perform actions like copy, move, and delete. We’ll show you various ways to select multiple files in Finder on Mac.

How to Delete a User Account on Mac

If you’ve recently stopped sharing your Mac with others, then you should consider deleting unused user accounts on the machine. We’ll show you how to safely delete user accounts on macOS.

What Is a Super Retina (XDR) Display?

Apple’s “Retina display” first appeared in the iPhone 4 in 2010, and all iPhones produced since then have featured the “Retina” branding in their marketing. So what makes a “Super Retina” and “Super Retina XDR” display differ…
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