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Is Parallels Desktop Free on a Mac?

Parallels Desktop is one of the easiest ways to run Windows on a Mac. It works on everything from Apple Silicon models with the M1 or M2 chip to older Intel Macs, plus the setup process is easy. So are there any free versions…

15 Mac Apps You Should Be Using Everyday

Some Mac apps are so useful you might just find yourself using them every day. Here are some of our favorites, the majority of which are free or at least come with a free trial so that you can evaluate them….

How to Run Windows on a Mac

Despite switching from Intel chips to ARM-based Apple Silicon, you can still run Windows on a Mac and enjoy excellent performance. Here’s how to do it, whether you have an M-series chip like an M1 or M2—or an older Intel-ba…

How to Boot a Mac in Safe Mode

Knowing how to boot your Mac into Safe Mode can help fix a myriad of problems with your Mac. In the worst-case scenario, you may be able to use Safe Mode to recover data and apply updates. Here’s how to do it….

How to Change Startup Programs on a Mac

The more startup items you have enabled, the slower your Mac will start up. Don’t need these apps to open at login on your Mac? You’re better off getting rid of them and launching them only when you need them. Here’s how to s…

Where Is the Alt Key on a Mac?

Using a Mac keyboard in a Windows environment, or looking for Mac equivalents of Windows shortcuts? Here’s a quick guide to using Apple’s version of the Alt key and the shortcuts that depend on it.

How to Use Split Screen on a Mac

Looking to divide your Mac desktop equally between open applications? Good news. You can either use Apple’s built-in split view feature for full-screen applications or install a third-party app to get even more control….

How to Kill a Process on Mac

Is an application or process causing problems on your Mac? Rid yourself of the problem app by killing it using Activity Monitor or the Terminal. You can also find and kill processes that are using specific ports on your Mac….

Why Is My Mac Battery Draining So Fast? 10 Fixes

Have you just noticed your battery is draining unusually fast? Did you wake up one morning to find your Mac had drained overnight? One of the biggest benefits of a MacBook is its portability without the worry of plugging in. …

How to Delete Your Photos From iCloud

Not every photo is worth saving, and if you’re running out of space in iCloud, you may want to remove some of those unwanted photos. We’ll show you how to delete photos from iCloud on your device and the website….

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on a Mac

Are you done with Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office)? Maybe you’re moving on from an outdated version, or simply unwilling to pay for another year of support. Here’s how to remove the Office suite from your Mac altogeth…

12 Mac Spotlight Features You Should Be Using

You probably know Spotlight as your Mac’s handy search tool, but it’s so much more than that. Mastering Spotlight is key to using your Mac in the most efficient manner possible. Here are some tips to help you get around macOS…

How to Delete Messages on a Mac

When your text messages start to build up, it might be time for some cleanup work. You can delete specific or all texts and conversations in Messages on a desktop Mac or MacBook in just a few steps.

12 Finder Features You Should Be Using

Finder is your Mac’s basic file browser, but it’s packed with useful features that can transform the way you perform everyday actions. Here are a few of our favorite features that we think you should be using….

Apple Silicon Has a GPU Support Problem

Apple Silicon Macs, starting with the Apple M1 system-on-a-chip, have proven to be a revolution in personal computing. Offering amazing CPU and GPU performance in portable, low-power systems. Unfortunately, there’s one major …
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