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How to Create a RAM Drive in Linux

In case you are wondering, RAM Drives and tmpfs instances are not the same. This article will explain the difference and show you how to create a RAM drive in Linux using the command line. Setup a fast RAM drive in minutes!…

How to Get a Graphical Device Manager for Linux

There are endless Linux command-line utilities that show the details of your computer’s hardware. HardInfo displays all that information in an easy graphical interface. It’s like Windows Device Manager for Linux….

Set Up a Test Server on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi started out as an inexpensive device to help students learn about computing, but the Raspberry Pi also makes for an inexpensive test server. With a server operating system on a Raspberry Pi, you can quickly s…

How to Use Flameshot, a Linux Screenshot Tool

Flameshot is a powerful screenshot tool for the Linux desktop. You can capture and annotate screenshots using intuitive tools. Finished images are copied to the clipboard, saved to your filesystem or uploaded to Imgur….

The Best Linux Distributions Without systemd

When the dominant Linux distributions adopted systemd, dissenters forked distributions and started new projects. So what are your options if you’re looking for a non-systemd distribution? Let’s take a look….

How to Run a Linux Shell on iOS

iSH is an active project to run a Linux shell on iOS. It offers an Alpine Linux environment, complete with the apk package manager. The app relies on usermode x86 emulation.

How to Lock Your Mac Using Terminal

One of the first rules of cybersecurity is to always lock your computer before stepping away from it. While it might not be the quickest way, you can lock your Apple Mac using Terminal. Here’s how to do it….

Swapping File Managers in Mint 20

This article discusses swapping file managers in Mint 20. Especially for the xcfe release of Mint 20 this is recommended, but all releases are discussed, with a variety of file managers available for selection!…

How to Use case .. esac Statements in Bash

In this tutorial we look at Bash case based conditional statements. We review practical examples, and discuss when a Bash case .. esac statement is best employed over a more traditional if .. then .. fi statement….

Exporting Variables in Bash: the Why and How

Exporting Variables in Bash; why is it done, and how can it be done well? This article will teach you about subshells, and will exemplify Bash variable exporting therewith, showing you how to export variables, and how to avoi…

Primer: Bash Loops: for, while, and until

Most programming languages support various forms of looping code lines. Bash natively supports ‘while’ loops, ‘until’ loops and the most well-known, ‘for’ loops. This article introduces and discusses all three….
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