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What is Stack Smashing? Can it be Fixed?

Every minute of production downtime will generally cost a company money. If your application has a serious issue that causes stack smashing, you’re in for a ride. Learn what stack smashing is upfront and what can be done abou…

Debugging with GDB: Digging Deeper

The powerful GNU Debugger GDB returns to the front stage. We dive deeper into stacks, backtraces, variables, core dumps, frames, and debugging than ever before. Join us for an all-new, more advanced introduction to GDB….

How to Enlarge tmpfs Space in Linux

Have you ever heard of tmpfs in Linux? It is that small temporary file system residing within memory and installed by default on Linux distributions. Ultra-fast but usually limited in size. Can one grow it easily? Find out &a…

How Linux Runlevels Affect Running Services

Linux runlevels distinguish between system operating states. Switching runlevel will change the services which are running. You can customise runlevels so each level starts with a specific set of services….

How To Manage Linux Servers With Cockpit

Managing a network of Linux servers used to require using a terminal emulator to ssh into each of your servers. To update a local firewall rule, system administrators had to learn arcane iptables commands to add the right inc…

Debugging with GDB: Getting Started

That application crash need not be the end of the journey! Learn the basics of using GDB, the powerful GNU Debugger and know how to debug core dumps on Linux. Ideal for end users and debugging newcomers alike….

Why Text in The Terminal Only Has Sixteen Colors

If you’ve paid much attention to the Linux terminal window, or the Windows console, you might notice that text only comes in a limited set of colors. Why do the colors look the way they do? How IBM chose to represent text col…

What’s New in Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’

The brand new release of Ubuntu 21.04, the Hirsute Hippo, was released on April 22, 2021. It’s an interim release of the popular Linux distribution, with only nine months of support from Canonical. So is it worth upgrading to…

Why DOS Applications Used White-On-Blue Text

Many DOS applications use white text on a blue background as the default colors.  Why is this the default color choice? The answer, like so many things in technology, is because of its history. You’ll often find this same co…
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