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How to Fix the Ubuntu Login Loop

The Ubuntu login loop is a frustrating problem that makes it impossible for you to log in. We describe six different issues that can cause this behavior and how to fix them.

How to Add and Remove Users on Ubuntu

The system administrator role includes creating users, deleting users, and reviewing existing users. They also control who can, and cannot, use root’s elevated powers. Here’s how to do that on Ubuntu Linux….

6 Linux Terminal Mistakes Beginners Make

The Linux command line traces its family tree all the way back to 1969, and it’s still the most efficient way to perform certain tasks. Just make sure you avoid these common mistakes, if you’re just starting out….

How to Use the Linux tr Command

Do you need a no-frills method for manipulating a stream of text in Linux? Look no further than the tr command, which can save you time in replacing, removing, combining, and compressing input text. This is how it’s done….

How to Use GRUB Rescue to Fix Linux

If your Linux computer can’t boot into its operating system, you’re likely to find yourself staring at a prompt in the GRUB shell. Follow these steps to repair your broken boot processes.

How to Disable Bluetooth on Arch Linux

If your Arch Linux computer supports Bluetooth but you’re not using it, it’ll just be wasting power. Instead of turning it off whenever you boot your computer, disable the Bluetooth service instead.

How to Reinstall Steam OS on a Steam Deck

If your Steam Deck suffers from SteamOS-related issues—failing to boot, being unresponsive or any other similar problem—you might want to reinstall or reimage SteamOS. Knowing how to restore SteamOS is also handy when you…

What’s New in Fedora 38, Available Now

Fedora 38 was released on April 18, 2023. So that you know what to expect when you install it, we took the beta for a spin to see what’s new in this Linux distribution’s latest release.
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