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What’s New in Fedora 38

The Fedora 38 beta is out for review. Ahead of the actual release date for the final version, April 18, 2023, we took the beta for a spin to see what’s new in this Linux distribution’s latest release.

Ubuntu Touch Isn’t Dead Yet

Ubuntu developer Canonical tried years ago to make its way to the smartphone game with Ubuntu Touch. It failed to take off, but independent developers have kept the dream alive. Now, we have a build based on Ubuntu 20.04….

How to Deal With Spaces in Filenames on Linux

Like most operating systems, Linux supports filenames with spaces in them. But using these filenames on the command line isn’t always straightforward. Here are several ways you can handle filenames containing spaces….

How to Flush DNS in Linux

Is your internet browsing experience slow on your Linux device, or are the websites you’re visiting outdated or the wrong website altogether? Let’s discuss flushing the DNS cache on Linux, and how to know whether you really n…

How to List Environment Variables on Linux

On Linux, environment variables hold important values and settings. Scripts, applications, and shells read these values, often to configure themselves, or to control their behavior. Here are several ways to show environment v…
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