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Why Is It Called an Amazon “Kindle” eReader?

Amazon’s Kindle devices have become synonymous with eReaders, and the name “Kindle” has become a household term. But why did Amazon choose the name Kindle for their eReader devices? Does it have anything to do with burning th…

10 Amazon Kindle Features You Should Be Using

Amazon Kindle devices are among the best eReaders you can buy. They’re easy to use, but to get the most out of your Kindle, there are some features you may not know about. We’ll show you the best ones….

Which Kindle Should You Buy?

A Kindle is a great way to read, and eReaders have many advantages over paper books. However, there’s not just one Kindle to choose from. From Paperwhite to Oasis to Kids Editions, we’ll help you find the right one….

How to Remove Books From a Kindle

Kindles can hold a lot of eBooks, but you may want to remove some. eBooks are stored in two places—on the eReader itself and your Kindle Library. We’ll show you how to remove books from both places.

How Many eBooks Can Fit on a Kindle?

Kindle eReaders have a few advantages over physical books. One of the biggest is simply the sheer quantity of books you can carry with you. Just how many eBooks can you fit on a Kindle? Let’s find out….

How to Transfer EPUB to Kindle

Kindle eReaders are not limited to books from the Amazon Store. When you get eBooks from other sources, a common file format is EPUB. We’ll show you a few methods to get these files onto your Kindle.

How to Hide Audible Audiobooks on Your Kindle

The latest models of Kindle can download and play audiobooks from your Audible account over Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, if you don’t plan to use your e-reader to listen to books, all the audiobooks do is clutter up y…

How to Use Gmail on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets famously do not come with any Google services out of the box. However, you’re not out of luck if you want to use Gmail on your affordable Fire tablet. There are actually several methods to do it….

Can You Use an Amazon Fire Tablet as a Kindle?

Amazon Fire tablets—formerly known as Kindle Fire tablets—are distinctly different than Kindle e-readers. However, when it comes to reading, both will get the job done. We’ll show you how to use your Fire tablet like a Ki…

How to Free Up Space on Your Kindle

Kindles have enough storage space for hundreds or thousands of ebooks, but it’s still possible to occasionally run into space issues—especially if you download a lot of audiobooks from Audible. Here’s how to free up space o…

How to Add a Password to Your Kindle

If you are a private reader, don’t want your kids (or anyone else) having free access to your books, or otherwise want to password protect your Kindle, it’s really easy to do. Here’s how.

How to Customize Text on Your Kindle

When you read a physical book, you’re stuck with whatever font and text layout choices the publisher went with. With a Kindle, however, you can customize the text to appear pretty much however you like. Here’s how….

How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Kindle

The fonts that come installed on your Kindle are good, if a little bland. Should your typographical tastes run a little differently, though, you can install almost any font you like on your Kindle. Here’s how….
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