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How to Close Apps on an iPhone 12

Normally you don’t need to close apps on your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini. When you switch away, they stay suspended, using few resources. But if an iOS app malfunctions, it’s easy to force the app to quit. Here’s how….

How to Choose a Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a great convenience to have with your smartphone, but not all chargers are created equal. Certain wireless chargers will work better with your phone. How do you know which one to get? We’ll show you….

8 Mac Shortcuts Actions You’ll Actually Use

Apple added the Shortcuts app to macOS Monterey in 2021, making it easy to build workflows using visual coding blocks just like you can on iPhone and iPad. While the feature still lacks the power of Automator or AppleScript, …

How to Factory Reset an iPhone 13

If you’re planning on giving away or selling your iPhone 13, you’ll first need to erase your data and account information off of it completely. That’s called a “factory reset,” and it’s easy to do in Settings for iPhone 13, i…

How to Hard Reset an iPhone 13

If your iPhone 13 becomes unresponsive and you can’t shut it down using the normal methods, it’s time to try a forced restart—sometimes called a “hard reset” (which is not to be confused with a factory reset). Luckily, it’s…

How to Restart an iPhone 13

Restarting an iPhone 13 is a great way to troubleshoot problems or simply get a fresh start. We’ll show you several different ways to do it—with instructions that also apply to the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone …

How to Turn Off Auto Brightness on iPhone

Thanks to light sensors, your iPhone can automatically adjust the display brightness to match the ambient lighting. If you prefer manual controls, it’s possible to turn off Auto-Brightness, but Apple put the option in an unus…

How to Turn On an iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 doesn’t have a visible home button below its screen. You may be used to lifting or tapping it to wake it up, but that won’t work if it’s not already powered on. Here’s how to turn it on.

10 Things to Do With Your New iPhone

So you just got a brand new iPhone—congratulations! Whether it’s from a friend or you gifted yourself, you might wonder where to start. Let’s run through a list of fun and useful things you should do with your new Apple gad…

How to Close Apps on an iPhone 13

Normally, your iPhone 13 keep apps running smoothly in the foreground (or suspended in the background, ready to resume when needed). But if an iOS app misbehaves, it’s easy to force the app to close. Here’s how….
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