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Your iPhone May Automatically Dial 911 for You

Apple is reportedly working on a feature called “crash detection” that would notice when you’ve been involved in a car accident and call 911 automatically. This is a new feature that could actually save your life….

How to AirPlay From iPhone or iPad to Your Mac

For years Mac users had to use third-party apps like AirServer to use their computers as an AirPlay receiver. With the arrival of macOS Monterey in 2021, you can now AirPlay directly to a Mac, just as you can an Apple TV….

How to Send a FaceTime Link

Apple lets you invite others to a FaceTime call through link sharing, and that link can be used on other devices beyond iPhones and iPads. Here’s how you can generate and share one with all your friends….

How to Use iCloud+ Private Relay on a Mac

Apple first made its Private Relay anonymizing service available on iPhone and iPad with¬†iOS and iPadOS 15. With the release of macOS Monterey, Mac users can use it, too. The feature isn’t on by default, so here’s how to ena…

The Best iPad Cases of 2021

Your iPad’s 10.2-inch display is great for watching movies and playing games, but you’ll want a case to protect that glass screen from scratches and cracks.¬†These are the best cases for the 2021 iPad, also known as the 9th-g…

How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone or Android

It’s a little embarrassing, but we’ve all had the thought at one time or another: “What is my phone number?” Maybe you recently got a new number or you’re just having a¬†mental lapse. The good news is you can find in the sett…

How to Enable ProRes Video Mode on iPhone

Apple’s¬†ProRes video mode¬†can record higher quality videos with the iPhone 13 lineup. Since these videos take up more space, though, the feature is off by default. Here’s how to turn on ProRes mode on your iPhone….

How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad

Not all iPhone and iPad apps are worth keeping. You may download an app or game that you later decide you don’t like, want, or need. To remove the clutter or regain some storage space, here’s how to delete apps on iPhone….

How to Find Gas on Your Route With Google Maps

A necessary part of every road trip is the all-important gas stop. Sometimes, it’s hard to know when your next opportunity to fill up will be. You can easily add gas stations to your travel plans with Google Maps….

The Best iPhone 13 Cases of 2021

Apple boasts that the iPhone 13’s screen has a Ceramic Shield coating, which is more durable than glass. But it can still crack or shatter if you drop it—and the iPhone 13’s back is still made of glass. A good case will pro…

How to Factory Reset an iPhone or iPad

If you need to sell or give away an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to completely wipe the device before you hand it off to a new owner so they can use it. With a factory reset, all private data gets wiped and the device acts as …

How to Find a Lost iPhone

If you’ve lost or misplaced your iPhone, you’re likely full of worry, especially if it’s turned off or has a low battery. But with iOS 15, the Find My app was enhanced to locate a device even if it’s powered off….
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