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How to Undo in Apple Notes

If you ever make a mistake when using Apple Notes, you have a couple of ways to quickly undo and redo your changes. We’ll show you how they work on your iPhone and Mac machines.

How to Copy and Paste on iPhone

It’s easy to copy and paste various items, including text, web links, photos, and messages, on your iPhone. We’ll show you how to copy and paste these items between various apps on your Apple smartphone….

iPhone Notifications Not Working? 8 Fixes

Are your iPhone notifications not working as you expect? Here’s how to check whether you’ve set them up correctly, how to troubleshoot software problems, and understand what else could be wrong.

How to Use Face ID With a Mask on iPhone

You can now use Face ID with a mask. This is true Face ID: Your iPhone will look at the physical features around your eyes to authenticate you, so it’ll work if you’re wearing a mask. Here’s how to use it….

How to Find Your iPhone’s MAC Address

Need to see your iPhone’s MAC address? Also called a Wi-Fi Address, this code is how your phone is identified on a network. Apple makes it easy to find your device’s unique ID, and we’ll show you how.

iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 to Launch Next Week

Apple just had its huge event, and the company announced a new iPad Air, a new iPhone SE, and new colors for iPhone 13. The company tucked the release window for iOS 15.4 and iPad OS 15.4 in the press release for those device…

How to Leave an iPhone Group Chat on Messages

If you’re stuck in a group chat on an iPhone, it’s possible to leave the group if everyone is using iPhones (or Apple Messages) to communicate. Here’s how to do it—and tips on what to do if you’re stuck in an SMS group text…

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

When you get your first iPhone, setting up voicemail is essential. You want to make sure that if you miss a call, your caller can leave a message. Here’s how you can set up voicemail and check your messages on iPhone….

5 Ways Your iPhone Can Help You Lose Weight

The prospect of losing weight can seem daunting, but there are more tools to help you get into shape than ever before. Whether you’re going for a complete lifestyle change or just want to shed a few pounds, make good use of y…

Face ID Not Working? 3 Things You Can Try

Is Face ID not working as well as it used to? Even though Apple’s facial recognition adapts to changes in your appearance (like applying makeup or growing a beard), the technology isn’t perfect. Try these fixes if the feature…
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