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How to Forward a Text Message on iPhone

Using your iPhone’s text message forwarding option, you can forward single or multiple SMS and MMS messages you’ve received to a single recipient or a group of recipients, all at once. We’ll show you how to do that on your iP…

5 iPhone Screenshot Tricks You Should Know

Taking screenshots on an iPhone is a simple thing to do, but there’s more than meets the eye. Apple includes a handful of nifty tools for screenshots, and there are some clever “unofficial” tricks you should know about….

How to Screenshot on an iPhone 14

Taking a screenshot on an iPhone 14 is simple. There are three different methods you can choose from, including pressing a couple of buttons, tapping your iPhone’s back, or using an on-screen option. We’ll show you all the me…

How to Restart an iPhone 14

Restarting your iPhone 14 allows you to troubleshoot issues, bring certain changes into effect, or simply get a fresh start. Plus, restarting is easy—you can use your phone’s hardware buttons, a Settings option, or an on-sc…

How to Turn Off an iPhone 14

Whether you want to fix issues or save battery, it’s easy to turn off your iPhone 14. You can do this using your phone’s physical buttons or an option in the Settings app. We’ll show you how to use both methods….

iOS 16.0.2 Is Out, Here Are the Bugs It Fixes

iOS 16 is making its way to smartphones worldwide. If you bought an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro, your phone already comes with it, and if you have an older iPhone, it should be available to download. If you’ve been holding out…

How to Save Passwords on iPhone

If you don’t want to fill in your passwords manually, save those website passwords on your iPhone and you won’t have to remember them anymore. We’ll show you how to save, view, as well as sync your iPhone passwords with your …

Why Isn’t It Possible to Downgrade an iPhone?

Apple tightly controls which software can be installed on the iPhone and iPad in a way not seen on its Mac desktop computers. So is Apple right to prevent you from installing older versions of iOS or iPadOS on a whim, or is t…

What Is RTT on an iPhone, and How Do I Use It?

“RTT” stands for “Real-Time Text,” and it’s a protocol for text calls. That’s right, it’s not text messaging as you might normally think. RTT is a way to have a text conversation in real time over a phone call….

6 Ways to Improve Notifications on iPhone

Notifications are a blessing and a curse. They can be great in a lot of situations, but you probably ignore most of them. There are several things we can do to make notifications on your iPhone work a little better….

How to Take Photos in 16:9 on iPhone

The iPhone camera is capable of shooting two aspect ratios—4:3 and 16:9. The 4:3 aspect ratio uses the full megapixels, whereas the 16:9 crops in for a wider view. We’ll show you how to swap.
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