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iPhone Too Quiet? Here’s How to Turn it Up

Do you have trouble hearing your ringer, alarm, or someone on the other end of the phone? Many iPhone users have this complaint, and the solution to your problem isn’t always obvious. Here are some common problems and fixes….

How to See Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Not sure which phone numbers you’ve blocked on your iPhone? You can easily check your blocked number list using Phone, Messages, and FaceTime settings on your phone. We’ll show you how.

New iPhone Safari Extension Brings PIP to YouTube

Using YouTube in the Safari browser isn’t the best experience. The YouTube app isn’t much better, as it lacks some essential features. A new Safari extension called Vinegar replaces the YouTube player with a small HTML one….

How to Record Audio on iPhone

Thanks to the built-in Voice Memos app, you can record and share your audio recordings on your iPhone with ease. We’ll show you how to use the app to make your first-ever voice recording.

How to Use Memoji as Your Apple ID Picture

Using Memoji as your Apple ID profile image is fun and gives you an option to prevent your real face from appearing everywhere. This change to your profile picture syncs across devices where you’re using your Apple ID….

The Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases of 2022

You’ve chosen the big iPhone 13 Pro Max, which means the laws of physics will show no mercy if you drop your phone. Luckily we’ve got a list of sizable covers that will keep your colossal cellphone safe and shiny….

Want to Fix Your Own iPhone? Apple Will Help

Apple has announced a new program called Self Service Repair, which will let iPhone 12 and 13 owners get genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals so they can repair their own devices without taking them to Apple or another th…

The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone of 2021

If you just bought a new iPhone, now is the time to grab some MagSafe accessories for it. You can get anything from chargers and portable batteries to car mounts and wallets that attach via MagSafe magnets….

The Best iPad Accessories of 2021

The best iPad accessories are designed to make your viewing, browsing, and tasking experience more intuitive. They can protect your device or reinvent the way you interact, listen to music, and type.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad

Clearing the cache can optimize your iPhone and iPad. Older temporary files take up space and potentially affect the speed and efficiency of your browser and other apps. Here’s how you can clear the cache on your iPhone and i…

How to Disable Focus Sharing Across iPhone and Mac

By default, if you set a Focus mode on your iPhone, it will synchronize on your Mac (running Monterey or later) and other Apple devices if they are all linked to the same Apple account. If you find this annoying, it’s easy to…

The Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases of 2021

The iPhone 12 Mini was a bold experiment with a few weaknesses, but the iPhone 13 Mini is the model that polishes those rough edges. If you’re going Mini, these cases are a worthy investment.

The Best iPhone Chargers of 2021

When it comes to recharging your iPhone, picking the best charger for the job is important. We’ve rounded up the very best on the market to ensure your Apple phone juices up the fastest and safest way possible!…

The Best iPhone 13 Pro Cases of 2021

The iPhone 13 Pro is a serious piece of creative kit, especially when it comes to the next-level cinematic camera system. It would be a shame to drop it during a tense scene, but these cases can help prevent damage!…
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