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Why Isn’t It Possible to Downgrade an iPhone?

Apple tightly controls which software can be installed on the iPhone and iPad in a way not seen on its Mac desktop computers. So is Apple right to prevent you from installing older versions of iOS or iPadOS on a whim, or is t…

What Is RTT on an iPhone, and How Do I Use It?

“RTT” stands for “Real-Time Text,” and it’s a protocol for text calls. That’s right, it’s not text messaging as you might normally think. RTT is a way to have a text conversation in real time over a phone call….

6 Ways to Improve Notifications on iPhone

Notifications are a blessing and a curse. They can be great in a lot of situations, but you probably ignore most of them. There are several things we can do to make notifications on your iPhone work a little better….

How to Take Photos in 16:9 on iPhone

The iPhone camera is capable of shooting two aspect ratios—4:3 and 16:9. The 4:3 aspect ratio uses the full megapixels, whereas the 16:9 crops in for a wider view. We’ll show you how to swap.

How to Add Multiple Stops in Apple Maps

Many trips only have a start and an end, but sometimes you need to stop somewhere in-between. Apple Maps allows you to add multiple stops to a trip, making it easy to plan it all out before you leave.

How to Use Live Captions on an iPhone

Closed captions are a necessity for the hearing impaired, and they’re useful for a variety of other reasons too. What if a video or audio track doesn’t have closed captions? That’s where the iPhone’s “Live Captions” feature c…

What Is an HEIC File on Apple Devices?

Did you just transfer a photo from your iPhone to another device and notice the file extension is .HEIC and not .JPEG? Well, that’s a change Apple has made to help you save storage on your phone. We’ll explain what the HEIC f…

How to Put Widgets on Your iPhone Lock Screen

Your iPhone has lock screen widgets that give you quick access to information regarding your schedule, the weather, and more. You can even tie these widgets to specific Focus Modes so that different widgets appear (or disappe…

iOS 16 is Now Available For Your iPhone

Every year, the new iPhone lineup is released with a new version of iOS, and just like clockwork, that new software also rolls out to older iPhones as well. iOS 16, the newest version of Apple’s operating system, has finally …

How to Turn Off an iPhone 11

We can all use a rest now and then—even our phones. Powering off an iPhone 11 is as easy as pressing a few buttons or using a Settings option. You can perform the process even when your phone’s physical buttons are broken. …

Is Apple Killing the iPhone Mini?

At Apple’s September 2022 iPhone event, there was a distinct lack of iPhone mini, leading many to speculate (us included) that the small form factor iPhone is well and truly dead. So why did Apple skip the mini this year, and…

How to Change Font Size on iPhone

To make reading the on-screen content easier, you can increase or decrease the font size on your iPhone. You have multiple ways to do this, including system-wide as well as on a per-app basis. We’ll show you your options….
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