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How to Find Gas on Your Route With Google Maps

A necessary part of every road trip is the all-important gas stop. Sometimes, it’s hard to know when your next opportunity to fill up will be. You can easily add gas stations to your travel plans with Google Maps….

How to Factory Reset an iPhone or iPad

If you need to sell or give away an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to completely wipe the device before you hand it off to a new owner so they can use it. With a factory reset, all private data gets wiped and the device acts as …

How to Find a Lost iPhone

If you’ve lost or misplaced your iPhone, you’re likely full of worry, especially if it’s turned off or has a low battery. But with iOS 15, the Find My app was enhanced to locate a device even if it’s powered off….

How to Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Safari

Starting with Safari 15, Apple’s browser now has a hidden feature that lets you copy all the web addresses (URLs) from dozens of open tabs. Here’s how you can copy links from multiple tabs at once on your Mac, iPhone, and iPa…

The Best iPad Mini Cases of 2021

The iPad Mini is small enough to throw in a bag or backpack, and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. So it’s worth it to invest in a good case to make sure your new tablet lasts as long as possible….

How to Shoot Macro Photography on Your iPhone

Macro photography is the practice of taking photos or videos of small objects at close range. Some models of iPhone are better suited to macro photography, with lenses that are designed specifically for focusing at close rang…

How to Check Screen Time on iPhone

People love iPhones, but they don’t always love how much they use their iPhones. Apple has tools to help you track your usage. We’ll show you how to see how much you look at your screen every day.

How to Change the Alarm Volume on iPhone

Is your iPhone’s alarm volume too quiet or too loud for you? Whether you’re getting up at sunrise or just need a reminder, you can finetune the alarm so that you’ll never miss an alarm and also won’t be totally jarred by it….

How to Delete a Focus From iPhone and iPad

You might have created several Focus modes for specific situations, and they’ll show up when you pick one from the Control Center. However, you can get rid of the ones you don’t plan to use and reduce the clutter from your iP…

What Does “5G UC” Mean on an iPhone?

If you use a modern iPhone on T-Mobile’s cellular network, there’s a good chance you’ll see the “5G UC” icon on the status bar instead of “5G.” Here’s what it tells you about your cellular connection.
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