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How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Moving from Android to iPhone can feel like a daunting task—but it’s really not that bad. Photos are probably one of the most important things to transfer in the migration. We’ll show you a few ways to do it….

How to Print Text Messages From iPhone

iPhone text messages—including iMessage—live on your iPhone or Mac. If you want to get those messages into the real world—either for court or personal records—you’ll need to get creative. We’ll show you two ways to pr…

The iPhone 14 Now Has a New Color: Yellow

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in September 2022, but if you didn’t already buy one, Apple is hoping a new color option might win you over. Two of the models are now available in a bright yellow color….

Why Is My iPhone Charging So Slow?

There are a handful of common reasons why your iPhone isn’t charging as fast as expected. Let’s look at what does (and doesn’t) impact how fast your iPhone charges and some tips to help you charge it faster….

How to Check iPad Battery Health

Apple doesn’t make it easy to view battery health on iPad in the same way that they do on an iPhone or MacBook. Fortunately, some workarounds can help you decide when it’s time for a battery replacement….

How to Delete Your Photos From iCloud

Not every photo is worth saving, and if you’re running out of space in iCloud, you may want to remove some of those unwanted photos. We’ll show you how to delete photos from iCloud on your device and the website….

How to Fix Blurry Pictures

Fixing blurry photos or low-resolution images isn’t the impossible task it used to be. Access to photo editors and tools that use artificial intelligence means your chances of success are better than they once were, and as th…

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Occasionally, you might want to record what’s happening on your phone or tablet’s screen. Thankfully, Apple has included an easy tool to screen record on iPhone. We’ll show you how to record your screen on an iPhone or iPad….

How to Back Up Your iPhone to iCloud

Backing up your iPhone is just as important as backing up your computer. You have items stored on your device that you don’t want to lose if your iPhone becomes lost, stolen, or inoperable. Luckily, backing up to iCloud is ea…

7 of the Weirdest iPhone Adapters

In the iPhone’s long history, it’s only had two different connectors—30-pin and Lightning. The latter has been in use since 2012, and there have been countless adapters made for the iPhone’s Lightning port in that time. Let…

How to Fix “SOS Only” on an iPhone

If you see “SOS Only” on your iPhone at the top of the screen you’ll have trouble making calls, sending texts, or accessing the internet. Here’s what’s going on and how to get things back to normal.

7 Ways to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

There’s more than one way to transfer data between your iPhone and Mac. Though most services rely on the cloud, you’ve got a few choices when it comes to moving files like photos, videos, or documents that don’t all require a…

How to Listen to Hi-Res Audio on iPhone and iPad

Apple is going all-in with hi-res audio, offering a large portion of its Apple Music library in hi-res. Unfortunately, actually listening to hi-res on your iPhone or iPad isn’t completely straightforward. Here’s what you’ll n…
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