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What Does “FTW” Mean?

“FTW!” What does it mean when you see this initialism online or in a text? We’ll explain what FTW stands for, its different meanings, and how you can use it properly in writing yourself.

What Does “Based” Mean?

Some Internet slang words and phrases remain the same for many years, while others change and evolve as they are picked up by different groups. Based and its meaning definitely fall into the second category….

What Does “DTB” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

Have ever seen “DTB” tacked on to the end of a text message and wondered what it means? Or maybe you’ve seen it overlayed in a video? Although it isn’t as common as other online terms, it’s important when you see it to know w…

What Does “DM” Mean?

Have ever heard the term “DM” used during a conversation about social media, in a text message, or on discussion boards and wondered what DM means or what it stands for? Here’s everything you need to know….

What Do CC and BCC Mean in Emails?

CC and BCC are standard fields you’ll see in your email inbox. But what does CC mean anyway? What does BCC stand for? Here we’ll answer your questions by explaining both terms and how you may be able to use them in your email…

What Is Copypasta?

Have you ever seen a random block of text online that made absolutely no sense? It may have been a copypasta: a unique type of internet meme. Let’s take a look at where this tasty-sounding term originates and an example of wh…

What Is a “Bump” On the Internet?

Bumping can be one of the most annoying practices on the internet. If you’ve ever seen someone spam “bump” on a post for seemingly no reason, here’s why, and what they’re trying to communicate.

What Is an Internet Fandom?

Have you seen people on the internet discussing the “fandoms” they’re a part of? Fandoms are some of the most powerful forces on the internet. Here’s what these devoted fanbases are and how they bring people together….

What Does “Touch Grass” Mean?

Have you ever been told to “touch grass” after a heated internet fight? Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to your local park for this. Here’s what the phrase means and how you can use it properly.
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