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How to Insert Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

If you need several more rows in your spreadsheet, don’t waste time adding one row at a time. Google Sheets offers a few ways to add multiple rows, even between your existing rows, in your spreadsheets. We’ll show you how….

How to Change Margins in Google Docs

Do your formatting requirements call for a specific amount of space between your document’s content and the page’s border? If you use Google Docs, it’s easy to change your document’s margins and set them to your liking. We’l…

How to Convert a Google Doc to PDF

Google Docs makes it easy to download your documents in various formats, including PDF. You can turn your documents into PDFs on your desktop as well as on your Android phone. We’ll show you how to do that….

How to Count Cells With Text in Google Sheets

Using Google Sheets’ COUNTA and COUNTIF functions, you can count cells that contain any text, specific text, or partially matching text. This is a great way to find the non-blank cells in your spreadsheets, and we’ll show you…

How to Add a Page on Google Docs

To add a new page anywhere in your Google Docs document, select an option from the Docs’ menu bar or use a keyboard shortcut. We’ll show you how to use both of these options in Docs on desktop and mobile….

How to Add a YouTube Video to Google Slides

Want to spice up your Google Slides presentation by including a YouTube video in it? If so, use Slides’ built-in feature to embed your YouTube videos with customizable options. We’ll show you how to do just that….

How to Download Photos From Google Photos

Google Photos makes it easy to download single or multiple photos from your account to your devices. You can also download all your photos and videos at once using Google’s Takeout service. We’ll show you how to use these opt…

How to Make a Calendar in Google Sheets

Whether you want an online calendar to share with others, or you just want a physical calendar you can print and use in the office, you have three options for creating a calendar in Google Sheets. Let’s get started….

How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs

With Google Docs’ editing tools, you can edit your PDF to add and remove text, images, charts, and more. It then gives you the resulting file back as a PDF. We’ll show you how to use this service for PDF editing….
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