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How to Print a Google Calendar

Not everything needs to be digital these days. If you want to print your Google Calendar to pop a month’s schedule on the fridge for your family or a week’s schedule to hand your childcare provider, it’s easy to do….

How to Access the Google Docs Trash

If you are looking to recover or permanently delete your Google Docs documents, you will want to access your Google Docs trash. It’s easy to find that on both desktop and mobile, and we’ll show you how….

How to Hyperlink in Google Docs

Have your own website you want to link to in your Google Doc? Or maybe a reference to a knowledgable source? Make a hyperlink. You can add links to any chosen text in your documents, and we’ll show you how….

How to Cancel a Google Calendar Event

Need to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances? If so, it’s easy to remove that event from your Google Calendar, including recurring events. You can even send a cancellation notification email to your guests. Here’s…

Google’s Not Happy About Green Text Messages

iMessage and those pesky green texts are among the most significant things keeping people locked into Apple’s ecosystem (though it is a pretty lovely ecosystem). As you might expect, Google isn’t happy about this as Apple’s p…

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Search

Google Search’s dark mode looks great, but just like everything else in the world, it’s not for everyone. If you’d prefer performing your searches on a light theme, here’s how to turn off dark mode on Google Search on desktop…

How to Validate Responses in Google Forms

If you use Google Forms and want to make sure answers fall within certain parameters, you can use the Response Validation feature. When an answer doesn’t meet your criteria, you can display a custom error message….

How to Round Numbers in Google Sheets

When working with decimal values, you may want to round those numbers up or down. Most often it’s necessary with values containing many decimal points. Google Sheets gives you handy functions for rounding your numbers the way…

How to Subtract Numbers in Google Sheets

Adding numbers in Google Sheets is one of the most basic calculations. Just like Excel, you can use the SUM function. But what about subtracting numbers? With Google Sheets, you have a few different ways to subtract values….

How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

It’s not always convenient to have text in a straight horizontal line in your spreadsheet. Whether you want to apply a slight angle or turn the text completely vertical, it’s easy to rotate text in Google Sheets….

How to Email a Google Doc

Sending a Google doc to someone via email is as easy as clicking a few buttons. You can use Gmail or any other email client to do it, and we’ll show you how on desktop and mobile.
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