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How to Hide Errors in Google Sheets

If you break a formula in Google Sheets, an error message will appear. You might prefer to hide these error messages to get a clean spreadsheet, especially if the overall data isn’t affected, using the IFERROR function. Here’…

How to Filter in Google Sheets

When you have a spreadsheet full of data and need to find something specific, filters in Google Sheets can help. Just enter some criteria for the data you need and see your results in a few clicks.

How to Sort in Google Sheets

When reviewing or analyzing a spreadsheet, one thing that you might need to do is sort your data. Fortunately, you can easily sort an entire sheet or a range of cells alphabetically, numerically, or by color in Google Sheets….

How to Set the Default Currency in Google Sheets

Before creating or editing a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, it’s good to make sure that the default currency for the document matches your expectations. Here’s how to change the default currency and how to check it in existing…

How to Hide Gridlines in Google Sheets

If you’re working in Google Sheets, you should already be familiar with its grid-like interface, where cells are separated by borderlines called gridlines. If you want to hide these gridlines from view, however, here’s what y…
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