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Google Sheets Is Adding Colorful “Chips”

Spreadsheets are useful for a lot of things, and among those uses, there’s project/task managing. Google Sheets is one of the most easily accessible and useful spreadsheet services, and now, it’s getting a little friendlier f…

How to Add a Trendline in Google Sheets

If you want a simple visual to help your audience see the direction of the data in your chart, consider a trendline. You can add different types of trendlines in Google Sheets and customize their appearance….

How to Convert an Excel Sheet to Google Sheets

Want to be able to work on your spreadsheets on the web? If so, convert all your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Google Sheets. After you complete this simple process, other people can edit your spreadsheets and you can use S…

How to Convert Google Sheets to PDF

To share something you track in a spreadsheet like company financials, club information, or a team roster, you can use a PDF instead of a spreadsheet. We’ll show you a couple of ways to convert Google Sheets to a PDF….

How to Use XLOOKUP in Google Sheets

The XLOOKUP function in Google Sheets gives you an easy way to find the data you’re looking for quickly. XLOOKUP doesn’t have the same limitations as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, enabling you to perform lookups in any direction….

How to Insert Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

If you need several more rows in your spreadsheet, don’t waste time adding one row at a time. Google Sheets offers a few ways to add multiple rows, even between your existing rows, in your spreadsheets. We’ll show you how….

How to Count Cells With Text in Google Sheets

Using Google Sheets’ COUNTA and COUNTIF functions, you can count cells that contain any text, specific text, or partially matching text. This is a great way to find the non-blank cells in your spreadsheets, and we’ll show you…
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