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How to Use Google Street View

With Google’s street view feature, you can virtually walk through the streets of many cities around the world. Street view is also available for popular landmarks, natural wonders, museums, and more. Here’s how to access it o…

How to Find Elevation on Google Maps

If you’re going on a hike or you’re just curious about a specific place’s altitudes, Google Maps makes it easy to find the elevation for most locations. Here’s how to use that feature on your desktop and mobile….

How to Check Traffic in Google Maps

Whether you’re heading somewhere or you just want to see how congested a specific street is, it’s easy to check the traffic delays with Google Maps on both your desktop and mobile. We’ll show you how to do that….

How to Avoid Highways on Google Maps

Are you heading somewhere and would prefer a route that does not include highways? If so, ask Google Maps to exclude all the highways from your driving directions. It’s as simple as checking a box.

How to Save a Route on Google Maps

By saving a route on Google Maps, you can quickly get directions to your specified destination. You can save routes on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, and we’ll show you how.

How to Find EV Charging Stations in Google Maps

Charging stations for electric vehicles are not nearly as plentiful as gas stations. They can also be harder to spot from the road. Thankfully, Google Maps makes it easy to find chargers for your electric car….

How to Draw Missing Roads on Google Maps

As great as Google Maps is, it’s not infallible. New places and roads are popping up all the time, and sometimes they get overlooked. You can help Google Maps and the community by drawing missing roads yourself….

How to See 3D Walking Directions in Google Maps

The tricky thing with walking directions is that it’s hard for your phone to know which direction you’re looking. Google Maps solves this problem with handy 3D walking directions that overlay navigation instructions onto the …

How to Use Google Maps in Incognito Mode

Private browsing—often called “Incognito Mode”—is a standard feature in web browsers, but it can be useful in other apps, too. Google Maps has an Incognito feature that’s surprisingly powerful. We’ll show you how it works…

How to Download Your Google Maps Data

If you want to create a backup or use a new maps service, you can download your Google Maps data easily. You don’t have to fish through all of your Google account data. Go right to the Google Maps desktop website and export y…

How to Add a Missing Place to Google Maps

There’s no denying that Google Maps is a phenomenal mapping service, but it’s not perfect. Every so often you may discover a place that’s not on Google Maps. You can help improve the service by adding it yourself….

How to Save Your Favorite Places in Google Maps

Google Maps can do so much that it’s easy to miss some of its most useful features. It’s good at remembering the places you frequently visit, but you can also simply save your favorite locations. That way, you always know whe…

How to Start Google Maps in Satellite View

Satellite View is a feature that has been in Google Maps since the service was first released. It can be handy to see a real-world top-down view of any location. We’ll show you how to start in this view by default on Android…
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