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How to Edit a PDF in Google Docs

With Google Docs’ editing tools, you can edit your PDF to add and remove text, images, charts, and more. It then gives you the resulting file back as a PDF. We’ll show you how to use this service for PDF editing….

How to Check Word Count in Google Docs

Whether an essay for school, article for a blog, or description for a product, your document’s word count might be essential. You can check the word count in Google Docs easily and in a few different ways, including a keyboar…

How to Download a Google Doc

With Google Docs’ download option, you can download some or all documents from the cloud to your desktop and mobile devices in various formats. These formats include the popular ones like PDF and Microsoft Word (DOCX). We’ll …

How to Use Emoji Reactions in Google Docs

Emoji seem to be everywhere, from communications in Slack to social media posts to emails in Outlook. So, why not Google Docs? If you want a casual interaction when collaborating on a document, start showing your reactions wi…

How to Change Line Spacing in Google Docs

Using the correct spacing between the lines of your document (sometimes called “enter spacing”) is not only important but could be required. You have various line spacing options in Google Docs in addition to a custom settin…

How to Draw on Google Docs

Google Docs is well-known for being a comprehensive text editor, but it also provides some basic, built-in drawing tools that allow users to create basic designs in their documents and give them that special touch….

How to Use Markdown in Google Docs

If you’re a fan of using Markdown to format your documents, you’ll be glad to know you can use it in Google Docs. By turning on a simple setting, Docs recognizes Markdown so you can type, format, and keep going….

How to Track Changes in Google Docs

Unlike viewing the edit history of a Google Docs document, Google’s Track Changes feature (also called “Suggesting” mode) lets you see changes before that text becomes a permanent part of the document. Here’s how to use it….

How to Group Images in Google Docs

When you use images in your document, you might want to keep them together. This allows you to move them as a group and resize that group to fit your document better. Here’s how to group images in Google Docs….

How to Use Find and Replace in Google Docs

With Google Docs’ “find and replace” feature, you can find a certain piece of text in your document, replace that text with another text string, even utilizing regular expressions. Here’s how to use the feature on your deskto…
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