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How to Delete Google Search Bar History

When you start typing a query in your web browser’s address bar, the browser displays your past searches as suggestions. You may not want certain suggestions to appear for privacy reasons. In that case, here’s how to selectiv…

What’s New in Chrome 98, Available Now

We’re kicking off February 2022 with a new release of Google Chrome. Version 98 of the popular browser brings a new “Privacy Guide” for checking up on some important settings, cleaner emojis, and a new screenshot tool. Let’s …

What’s New in Chrome 97, Available Now

Chrome 97 arrived on January 4, 2022. This release brings better tools for deleting stored website data, nicer-looking web apps, and more granular zoom controls for the mobile version of the browser.

How to Restart Google Chrome

Restarting Google Chrome helps you fix minor glitches and activate certain extensions in the browser. It’s easy to close and reopen Chrome on your desktop and mobile devices, and we’ll show you how.

How to Import Bookmarks Into Google Chrome

Have you switched to Google Chrome from another web browser? Or maybe you’ve moved from using Chrome on one device to another? Either way, you might want to import your old bookmarks into Chrome. We’ll show you how….

Google Chrome Will Help You Track Price Drops

Google is bringing some cool shopping features to its Chrome browser. The company is adding a price tracker and the ability to search for products with your phone’s camera on mobile and the ability to see what’s in your shopp…

How to Make Chrome Use Less RAM

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser, but people have one common complaint—it uses a lot of RAM. It’s hard to fix the problem completely, but there are some things you can do to reduce Chrome’s memory usage….

How to Enable Chrome’s Hidden Windows 11 Theme

Windows 11 has a different look than Windows 10 thanks to the rounded corners and subtle transparency effects. If you want Google Chrome to match this new design language, you can enable it right now. We’ll show you how….

How to Save Passwords on Google Chrome

Google Chrome can save your website passwords and help you automatically fill them the next time you visit your sites. If you haven’t already, here’s how to enable Chrome’s built-in password manager on both your desktop and m…

10 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Browser Tabs

Tab management is a huge part of using a desktop web browser. That’s where everything happens. There are a lot of tricks to help you make the most of tabs, but sometimes all you need is a simple keyboard shortcut….

What’s New in Chrome 96, Available Now

Google released Chrome 96 on November 16, 2021. Your Chrome browser will now use more of your system’s RAM, but for a good cause: The back and forward buttons will get even faster. There are many more changes behind the scene…
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