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Which Smart Speaker Has the Best Audio Quality?

Despite their audio-focused nature, people rarely talk about the actual audio quality of Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Apple smart speakers. Which one should you get if you want the best-sounding audio experience?…

How to Add a Delay to Google Assistant Routines

Google Assistant “Routines” can be super handy for automating your life. Typically, Assistant performs the actions immediately on command, but what if you don’t want something to happen right away? You can use a delay to do t…

Why You Should Use Google Assistant Family Bell

Google Assistant has many features that are perfect for families, especially those with smart speakers and displays. “Family Bell” allows you to schedule announcements to keep your house running smoothly. We’ll show you what …

How to Turn On Google Assistant

Want to be able to quickly launch Google Assistant and perform your searches with it? Enable an option on your iPhone or Android phone, and then all you will have to say is “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” to launch the virtual as…

What Is AQI on Google Nest?

Google Nest Hubs are handy little weather stations. You can easily see the current temperature and look into the forecast. They can also show you information about the air quality (AQI). In some places, that’s important to kn…

How to Use Google Assistant on Your Chromebook

Google Assistant is available on almost every smartphone, tablet, and a good number of smart speakers. If you have a Chromebook, you have another device that can use the virtual assistant. We’ll show you how to get it set up …

How to Factory Reset the Google Nest Hub

Part of owning gadgets is the occasional need to reset them. Google Nest Hubs are no different, but it’s not super clear how to do it. We’ll show you how to perform a factory reset of your Google Assistant smart display….
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