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How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger

Wondering how to deactivate Facebook Messenger but can’t find the option? You’re not alone. Facebook has made it somewhat difficult to disable Messenger without disabling other Facebook services first. Here’s how it works….

How to Turn off Facial Recognition on Facebook

Facebook creates a digital fingerprint of your face to automatically recognize and tag you in pictures and videos. But if you’re uncomfortable with having your facial data on Facebook, you can easily delete it and turn this f…

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Thinking of taking a break from Facebook but don’t want to start over from scratch? Facebook allows you to deactivate your account so that you can take a hiatus and pick up where you left off at a later date. Here’s how it wo…

How to Restrict Someone on Facebook

Don’t want to share all of your posts with every person you’ve friended on Facebook? Facebook lets you restrict people and prevent them from reading your private posts without unfriending them. Here’s how to do it….

How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook

Ads are all over the place, but Facebook sometimes manages to show you the right product at the right time. Wondering how to find an ad you clicked on weeks ago? Here’s how to find recently viewed ads on Facebook….

How to Disable Friend Suggestions on Facebook

If you’re a little low on Facebook friends, you’ll be prompted to add people you might not necessarily know, thanks to Facebook’s friend suggestions feature. If you want to turn these suggestions off, here’s what you’ll need …

How to Save Posts on Facebook to Read Them Later

There so much happening on Facebook that it can feel a little overwhelming. What if you miss a post and you can’t find it later? Thankfully, Facebook has a bookmarking feature to help you keep track of things and save them f…

How to See What Data Facebook Has on You

Facebook knows a lot about you. Some of this information was handed over when you signed up, but there’s some stuff you might not know about. We’ll show you how to see and download it.

How to Message a Facebook Friend From Instagram

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, but the platforms remained mostly separate. This changed in 2020, though—you can now send messages to anyone on Facebook from the Instagram app. We’ll show you how to use the Cross-App …

How to Archive or Delete a Facebook Group

Don’t like how your Facebook Group is doing? You can leave it, but the group will still be there. If you want to hide the Facebook Group from new members, or if you want to delete it, follow our guide….

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

Sometimes, the first time isn’t the charm. Sometimes, you figure out a better name for your Facebook page a couple of weeks down the line. Don’t worry, you can change your Facebook page’s name at any time!…
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