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How Long Do CDs and DVDs Last?

Do you have a CD or DVD collection holding precious data or your impressive music and movie collection? The lifespan of CDs and DVDs can vary depending on a number of factors, but we’ll explain what you need to know….

Where Do Weather Apps Get Their Info From?

There are many different weather apps and services, but how different is each app’s data? Where do they get their information from? It turns out, many of them might have the same source for your specific location, but how the…

What Does a Factory Reset Do?

“Factory Reset”—also sometimes called a “hard reset”—is a term thrown around a lot in the tech world. It’s often recommended to factory reset a device to fix nagging issues—and it usually solves the problem. Why is that…

Blue Light Is Not as Bad as You Think

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of blue light from digital displays. Apparently, it’s damaging our eyes and disrupting our sleep cycles. Here’s the good news—blue light is not that big of a deal. Allow me to explain…

It’s Time to Stop Using Desktop Icons

Modern computers carry a lot of baggage from the past, and desktop icons are perhaps one of the most unsightly remnants of the earliest days of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). If you’re still living with them, it’s time to …

Why Do Phone Batteries Still Only Last a Day?

Smartphones have been in our lives for nearly two decades, and we’ve seen huge improvements in that time. However, one thing has mostly remained the same—charging your phone every day. Why hasn’t battery life gotten better …

Will 5G Make Me Use More Cellular Data?

5G is the latest and (supposedly) greatest wireless standard. With speeds that can sometimes rival home internet, you may be wondering if using 5G means you’ll burn through even more data. But is that actually true? Let’s fin…

How Do “Self-Charging” Remotes Work?

What if you had a TV remote that you never needed to charge or replace the batteries? That may sound like a futuristic dream, but it’s actually been a reality for a little while already. The technology is pretty cool….

What Is “Abandonware” and Is it Legal?

There are lots of “wares” when it comes to software: freeware, shareware, donationware, and more! You may have come across “abandonware” that just needs a simple click to download, but what does it mean for software to be aba…

Do LED Bulbs Burn Out?

It might seem like a question with an obvious answer, but LED bulbs don’t burn out the same way traditional incandescent bulbs do. Here’s what happens instead.

Is It Bad to Sleep Next to Your Phone?

Many people use their phone until the moment of falling asleep, then it’s literally in bed with them—or charging nearby—all night. Using your phone before bed is already not great, but is the close proximity bad too?…
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