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How to Update Your Amazon Kindle

Amazon regularly updates the Kindle software with bug fixes, improvements, and even new features like book-cover screensavers. Here’s how to make sure that yours is always up to date.

How to Use Dark Mode on Kindle

Kindle makes for a great e-book reader when compared to traditional tablets. But when you’re trying to read at night, the sharp white background light can be a problem for your eyes. Relieve your eyes using dark mode on Kindl…

How to Backup Your Kindle Highlights and Notes

If you’re in the Kindle ecosystem, your book highlights and notes will sync between all your devices. But what about DRM free books? What if you want to export all highlights and notes from a book to a notetaking app?…

What Is an AZW File (And How Do I Open One)?

A file with the .azw file extension is a popular file format for storing eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle line of eReaders and devices using the Kindle app. Along with storing things like bookmarks, annotations, and last known pa…

What Is a LIT File (and How Do I Open One)?

A file with the .lit file extension is an eBook in the Microsoft eReader file format. LIT (short for “Literature”) files are eBook formats designed by Microsoft to work on Microsoft devices only.

What Is an EPUB File (and How Do I Open One)?

A file with the .epub file extension is a popular file format used for storing eBooks and other types of content. EPUB, short for electronic publication, was named the official standard of the International Digital Publis…

What Is a MOBI File (and How Do I Open One)?

A file with the .MOBI file extension is used for storing eBooks. It was originally a Mobipocket Reader format but has since been adopted by several different readers as well. Amazon purchased Mobipocket in 2005, and later…

How to Sell or Give Away Your Kindle

Kindles have an incredible lifespan. My six-year-old Paperwhite is still going strong. You’re pretty likely to still have a working Kindle if you upgrade to a newer model, so here’s what you need to do before selling or givin…

How to Turn Off Popular Highlights on Your Kindle

Kindle “Popular Highlights” appear as underlined text in your ebook when more than ten people have highlighted that passage. It sounds like a nice feature theory, but in practice, it can get annoying. Here’s how to turn it of…
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