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How to Containerize a Legacy Application

Containerization has transformed how new applications are developed and deployed. However many organizations retain a back catalog of older systems that necessitate a different approach. This disconnect between new and old do…

How to Get Started Using the Docker Engine API

Docker Engine exposes a REST API which you can use to control your containers without the docker CLI. The API exposes equivalent functionality using HTTP network calls. You can script common Docker operations using your favor…

How to Deploy a GitLab Server With Docker

GitLab is a leading platform for hosting Git repositories, CI pipelines, and DevOps workflows. It’s available as a SaaS offering on GitLab.com or as a self-managed distribution for private use on your own hardware….

How to Dockerize a Node.js Web App

Docker is a containerization platform that simplifies the packaging and execution of applications. Containers run as isolated processes with their own filesystem but share their host’s kernel. Docker has risen to prominence a…

How to Deploy a Caddy Web Server With Docker

Caddy is a popular modern web server engineered for high performance and memory safety. It’s written in Go, runs with no dependencies, features built-in support for static site rendering with Markdown, and offers automatic HT…

How to Deploy PostgreSQL as a Docker Container

PostgreSQL, also referred to as Postgres, is the leading object-relational database system. It’s popular because of its high level of compliance with the SQL standard and inclusion of additional features that simplify working…

How to Use Hadolint to Lint Your Dockerfiles

Dockerfiles define the content of Docker images as a set of instructions in a text file. The Dockerfile syntax is generally straightforward but there are some gotchas to avoid. Adhering to best practices while writing complex…

How to Secure Docker’s TCP Socket With TLS

Docker’s API is completely unprotected by default except for filesystem permissions on its Unix socket. You should set up TLS when exposing the Docker API over TCP so Docker Engine and your clients can verify each others’ ide…

10 Tools That Complement Docker

Docker is the best known containerization platform but it doesn’t exist in isolation. An entire ecosystem of complementary tools and spin-off projects has sprung up around the shift to containers.
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