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How to Share Your Screen on Discord

Whether you want to show your gaming skills to your friends, or you’d like them to see your app window, it’s easy to share your screen over Discord. You can share your screen in a server or a DM (Direct Message) on your Windo…

10 Discord Features You Should Be Using

Discord is one of the most popular messaging services around. Even though it was originally designed with gaming in mind, it’s now a great general-purpose chat and organization app, with plenty of features you might not know …

How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Do you want to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows and movies with your friends? If so, one way to do that is to stream Netflix on your Discord server. You can do this even when you’re on Discord’s free plan. We’ll show you how…

Why You Should Move Your Group Chat to Discord

There’s an abundance of apps for group chats. Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, the list goes on. One app you may not have considered is Discord, and it just might be the perfect solution for your family or fr…

How to Turn Off the Discord Overlay

Discord’s in-game overlay is an excellent tool for communicating with your friends while gaming. However, if you find that it interrupts your gaming sessions, you can turn it off for all of your games or just specific ones. H…

How to Download a Discord Profile Picture

See someone using cool art or a funny meme as their profile picture on Discord? While there’s no official way to download someone’s profile picture to your device, there are workarounds. We’ll show you what those workarounds…

How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

To help you manage your servers, Discord allows you to create custom roles and assign them to your server members. This way, the members can moderate your server’s content and help ease your schedule. We’ll show you how to do…

How to Send Videos on Discord

Have a cool video that you’d like to share with your friends on Discord? If so, the platform makes it easy to share your video content in both channels and direct messages. We’ll show you how to do that on Discord on both des…

How to Use Multiple Accounts With Discord

If you manage multiple Discord accounts, the platform’s desktop and web app allow you to add all your accounts into the app and then switch between them with ease. If this sounds like something you want to do, we’ll show you …

How to Restart Discord

Restarting Discord isn’t as straightforward as restarting any other app. This is because Discord continues to run in the background even if you’ve closed it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to properly restart Discord on yo…

How to Quote Someone on Discord

By quoting text, you make a piece of text stand out in your Discord messages. There are options to quote specific text in a text string as well as quote entire lines of text on this platform. We’ll show you how to do just tha…

How to Mark an Image as a Spoiler on Discord

If you’re sending a spoiler image to someone on Discord, consider using the spoiler tag so that your recipient needs to click the image to view it and that it doesn’t open directly. You can do this on both your desktop and mo…

How to Unlink PayPal From Discord

PayPal is one of Discord’s supported payment methods. If you don’t wish to use PayPal to pay for Discord purchases like Nitro, it’s easy to unlink both your accounts. We’ll show you how to do that using two different ways….

How to Make a Discord Channel Read-Only

With a read-only Discord channel, you can ensure only you can post messages in that channel and others can only see them. It’s easy to turn any channel on your server read-only, and we’ll show you how….

How to Change Your Discord Username

Discord makes it easy to change your username, and you can even have the same username as your friend. Nitro subscribers can even change their username tag if they prefer. Here’s how to do that on your desktop and mobile….

How to Delete Your Discord Account

If you’re no longer an active Discord user, and you don’t think you’ll be returning to the service anytime soon, it’s a good idea to delete your Discord account. The service makes it easy to do that, and we’ll show you how….

How to React to a Message on Discord

One way to acknowledge or appreciate a message on Discord is to react to that message with an emoji. Discord offers a full emoji picker to let you choose the perfect emoji for your message reaction. Here’s how to do it….

How to Mute Someone on Discord

If you don’t want to hear someone’s audio in a voice channel, or you’d like to stop getting message notifications from a user, you can mute that user on Discord. We’ll show you how to do that on your desktop and mobile….

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord

If you need a helping hand managing your server, make someone an admin on your Discord server. Doing so allows that user to perform all administrative tasks, like moderating discussions and creating channels. Here’s how to do…

How to Log In to Discord With a QR Code

If you want to log in to Discord on the web or on your desktop, a quick way to do this is to scan the QR code on your screen using your phone’s Discord app. This lets you into your account in no time, and we’ll show you how….

Is Discord Down? Here’s How to Check (and Fix It)

Discord is the foundation of many online communities and a great way to connect with people to play online games. Like any online service, Discord can experience outages. So here’s how to troubleshoot that issue when it arise…

How to Cancel Your Discord Nitro Subscription

If you don’t use Discord Nitro’s extra perks, and the free version works just fine for you, it’s a good idea to cancel your Nitro subscription and save money. Here’s how to do just that on your desktop, mobile, and the web….

How to Turn On Light Mode in Discord

Not a big fan of Discord’s default dark interface? Activate the light theme to make the app use light-colored options. You can enable Discord’s light mode on desktop, the web, and mobile phones. Here’s how….
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