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How Is SSH Different From Telnet?

SSH and TELNET both let you connect to remote, networked computers and to use them as if you’re sitting in front of them. So what’s the difference between these two venerable protocols, and is there really always an advantage…

Uber Has Suffered a Data Breach, Once Again

The latest Uber data breach is still fresh in our minds. After all, it has just been three months since it happened. Now the company has confirmed yet another security incident, though this one isn’t quite as serious — at le…

Samsung Just Had a Data Breach

Many popular services have reported data security breaches over the past two weeks, including LastPass, Plex, and DoorDash. You can now add Samsung to the list, as the company just confirmed some customer data was stolen….

LastPass Just Had a Security Breach

Using a password manager is a good way to keep your personal accounts and information safe on the vast, wild Internet. But password managers are not bulletproof either. Case in point: LastPass, one of the most used password m…

How to Harden Docker Images For Maximum Security

There are many factors that contribute towards your Docker security posture but using hardened images is one of the best steps you can take to protect yourself. Not all images have the same security characteristics and a poor…

What Does It Mean to “Shift Security Left?”

“Shift left security” refers to a software development model which fully considers security from the outset. Until quite recently, security tended to come at the very end of the process in the form of a go-live audit. This im…

Penetration Testing Has More Benefits Than You Think

Penetration testing measures the effectiveness of your cybersecurity defensive measures. And remember, their effectiveness changes over time, so repeat as necessary. There’s nothing fit and forget in the world of cybersecuri…
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