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What Does It Mean to “Shift Security Left?”

“Shift left security” refers to a software development model which fully considers security from the outset. Until quite recently, security tended to come at the very end of the process in the form of a go-live audit. This im…

The Many Faces of Social Engineering

Social engineers know which buttons to press to make you do what they want. Their time-honored techniques really work. so it was inevitable that cybercriminals would apply those techniques to cybercrime….

How To Defend Yourself Against API Attacks

Modern cloud strategies make heavy use of APIs for controlled, interactive access to hosted services. But the access is only controlled if the APIs are securely implemented and they’re not susceptible to abuse….

Using 2FA? Great. But It’s Not Infallible

You should use two-factor authentication wherever it is available. It isn’t perfect, but it stops most attackers in their tracks. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s impregnable. That’s not the case….
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