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How to Find Your Roku’s IP Address

A Roku device, like other gadgets on your network, has an IP address. While this isn’t something you need on a regular basis, you might if you’re troubleshooting an issue. Here are a few ways to find your Roku’s IP address….

The 10 Best Tom Cruise Movies to Stream in 2022

Tom Cruise has had one of Hollywood’s most varied and exciting careers, from his days as a teen idol to his award-winning dramatic turns to his larger-than-life action-hero roles. Here are 10 of the best Tom Cruise movies to …

What Is Pluto TV, and Is It Really Free?

The streaming TV space is very crowded these days. All the big-name companies have their own services, plus there are dozens of lesser-known options. “Pluto TV” sits somewhere in the middle and it has a lot to like….

Your Roku Device Now Has Apple Music

Apple Music has been around since 2015, but it’s still missing on many popular platforms. Apple Music has been missing from Roku (which sells some of our favorite streaming devices) since the service first launched, but that …

How to Reset an Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

If you’re experiencing issues with your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote, it’s worth resetting your remote to potentially fix those issues. The reset process differs depending on your model, and we’ll show you the processes for th…

How to Pair an Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

Pairing a primary or a secondary remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick is extremely easy. You basically hold down a button on your remote and your remote connects to your Stick. We’ll show you how to do just that….

How to Unblock YouTube

YouTube may be blocked for multiple reasons. Individual videos are sometimes region-blocked in some countries, while the entire YouTube website is blocked in some countries—or on some workplace networks. We’ll go over how t…

How to Jailbreak an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Ever dreamed of getting Android apps from outside the official Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV device? You can, in a process often called “jailbreaking.” It’s easy to perform, and it’s not the illegal or hacky process it soun…
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