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5 Ways Windows Phone Was Ahead of Its Time

In the mobile OS landscape, Windows Phone wasn’t around for very long (2010-2017). It was never very popular, but Microsoft infused it with some new, interesting ideas. A few of those ideas ended up being ahead of their time….

What is Link Rot, and How Does It Threaten the Web?

If you’ve been browsing the web and hit a 404 error page or an unexpected redirection, you’ve seen link rot in action. Over time, the links that hold the web together break, threatening our shared cultural history. Here’s a l…

This Is How Steve Jobs Killed Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash powered most interactive content on the web throughout the 2000’s, but the introduction of the iPhone — and a directive from Apple CEO Steve Jobs — changed everything. Here’s how it happened….

Every Microsoft Company Logo From 1975-2022

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has grown dramatically. As new products and eras came along, the firm changed its branding image over the years to match. Here’s a look at all of its major logos from the past 47 years….

Why Is a PC Called a PC?

If you buy a computer that runs Windows, it’s usually called a “PC.” But sometimes a Mac is called a PC, too. What’s going on here, and why is a PC called a “PC” anyway? We’ll explain.

Why Is Google Called Google?

If you’ve used the internet or a smartphone, chances are high you’ve encountered Google, a successful tech firm that pioneered search engine technology in the late 1990s. But where did it get its weird name? We’ll explore the…

What Does “Excel” Mean in Microsoft Excel?

Millions of people around the world use Microsoft Excel every year to create and manage spreadsheets as part of Microsoft Office. But have you ever stopped to think what “Excel” actually means? We’ll explain its origins….

What Happened to the iPhone 9?

In 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X but skipped over the iPhone 9. In the following years, no iPhone 9 ever appeared. Why didn’t Apple release iPhone 9? We’re on the case to find out….

Why Is the Linux Mascot a Penguin?

If you’re a fan of Linux, you might have seen “Tux,” the friendly penguin mascot for the operating system. But why a penguin, and why Tux? We’ll explore the history behind the semi-aquatic bird mascot with a little help from …

Why Do Some Computers Need Fans?

Computer fans can be annoying—they’re often noisy, and they collect dust. While most desktop and laptop computers rely on fans, smartphones and tablets don’t. Why? We’ll explain.
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