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System76 Has Many New Linux Laptops For You

System76 is one of the brands Linux enthusiasts geek out the most about, and with good reason. The company is not only behind the Pop!_OS Linux distribution but also has a lot of hardware of its own. It is now releasing a ran…

RTX vs. GTX: What Are the Differences?

NVIDIA has been making graphics cards for several years. However, there are two lineups of GPUs you’ve probably come across with: GTX and RTX. What are the differences between both?

Is Hibernating Your PC Bad for Your SSD?

You like to hibernate your PC every day when you’re done using it, but you’re worried that hibernating it puts excessive wear and tear on your SSD. Does it matter, or is it nothing to worry about? We crunched the numbers, so …

10 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building PCs

Building your first PC can be daunting. You watched all kinds of tutorials and read all kinds of guides, but for some reason, you worry you might still mess things up somehow. Here are the most common mistakes beginners make,…

Why One Ultrawide Is Better Than Two Monitors

The centerpiece of any impressive PC setup is multiple monitors. Two screens are better than one, right? While dual monitors look cool, you can achieve the same thing without a second display on your desk. It’s time to go ult…

This MSI Tiny PC Also Has a Tiny Price

Tiny PCs are awesome, but depending on what specifications you want, they can get expensive. If you just want a PC for typical productivity work, rather than gaming or AI research, this tiny PC by MSI might be the one for you…

Why Amazon Is Growing Diamonds

The ever-growing demands on datacenters and networks to keep them running for everyone is leading to some creative ideas. Amazon is now partnering with another company to grow artificial diamonds to improve its networks….
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