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Why You Should Own a Mac and a PC

Some people treat the Mac and PC platforms as an either-or proposition, as if drawing battle lines in a holy war. But why not enjoy both? Let’s put aside the platform battles and embrace what’s good about being platform agnos…

How Much RAM Does Your PC Need?

From loading up your computer’s operating system to opening an internet browser or running an application, your PC requires a minimum amount of RAM to function effectively. However, throwing more RAM at your PC doesn’t necess…

How to Remove Stickers From Your Laptop

Laptops often come with stickers advertising the graphics card or processor inside the computer. Sometimes, you may even place your own stickers on the laptop. Getting those stickers off, though, can be a bit tough. Here’s wh…

What Is GPU Computing, and What Is It Good For?

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are designed to render graphics in real-time. However, it turns out that what makes GPUs great at graphics also makes them great at certain non-graphics jobs too. This is known as GPU computin…

What Is VRAM?

VRAM or Video Random-Access Memory is the memory a GPU uses to store the information it needs to render images on a display. VRAM comes in many forms and having the right amount and type of it is crucial….

What Is Integrated Graphics?

Integrated graphics refers to a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that’s built into the same package as the CPU (Central Processing Unit.) In enthusiast computer circles integrated graphics is often derided, but this approach to…

Do GPUs Wear Out From Heavy Use?

If you’re planning on doing intensive gaming, GPU computing, graphics rendering, Folding@home, or crypto mining on your graphics card, you might be worried that your GPU will wear out from heavy use. But will it? We’ll inves…

Why Is a Computer Mouse Called a Mouse?

The computer mouse is a peripheral that seems to have been around forever. If you’ve ever touched a computer, you’ve probably used one. But why the heck is it called a “mouse,” anyway? That’s a good question….

How to Clean a Mousepad

Mousepads are high-traffic surfaces that get dirty and need cleaning, just like your keyboard and mouse. Not only does a dirty mousepad look gross, but it may also affect tracking and make your movements less accurate. Here’s…

PCIe 6.0: What’s New, and When Can You Get It?

Sometimes the technology industry moves too fast. We’ve only started kicking into gear with PCIe 4.0 in consumer products, PCIe 5.0 is just barely rolling out, and already PCIe 6.0 is on its way. Here’s what you can expect….

Why Is It Called the Raspberry Pi?

You’ve probably heard of the Raspberry Pi—a series of low-cost computers popular with hobbyists. But why is it called that, and does it have anything to do with food? We’ll explore the history behind the name….

What Is a Sleeper PC?

When building a PC, your choice of components is arguably the most important decision you can make. But the form factor and case you choose shouldn’t be overlooked, and one of the most interesting “themes” you can choose is t…

5 Cool Things You Can Do With a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the name of a series of inexpensive single-board computers that can serve as the core of many hobbyist projects. It’s easy to get started with a kit, or you can put the pieces together yourself. Here are a han…

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Laptops get moved around a lot, which means they’re often smudged from opening and closing the lid. If you don’t take care when cleaning the screen, you could scratch it or damage the protective coatings….

Best Buy Puts New GPUs Behind a Paywall, Too

Best Buy’s Totaltech subscription is making waves again. First, the company put the purchase of PS5s behind its subscription paywall, and now the company is requiring users to get a subscription to purchase GPUs, too….

64-Bit Raspberry Pi OS Is Here, Download It Now

It’s been a while since Raspberry Pi switched to 64-bit processors, but the Raspberry Pi OS has remained a 32-bit version. While the 64-bit OS has been in beta for some time, it’s finally available for everyone to download….
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