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Imgur Is About to Break the World Wide Web

The hot take on popular image-sharing service Imgur’s upcoming Terms of Service change is that it’s all about banning porn. But it’s more than that, and it’s poised to significantly disrupt your experience using the web. Here…

10 Weird Subreddits You Need to See

Reddit is a vast community of people in thousands of different forums called “subreddits.” Anyone can make their own subreddit, which has led to some pretty…strange groups forming. We’ve compiled ten entertaining subreddits…

The Best DNS Servers for Secure Browsing

Your router makes DNS requests as you browse the web. By default, though, your ISP sees all your searches and web addresses. You can change your DNS settings for increased security and privacy.

Why You Should Be Using More Web Apps on Your Phone

Apps have been a core component of the smartphone experience since the very beginning. They’ve only gotten better over the years, but so have web browsers. You probably don’t need as many native apps as you think—web apps a…

Dear Advertisers, I Already Bought It

Targeted ads are everywhere. Do one simple search for computer mice and now they’re following you from Instagram to the sidebar of your favorite blog. These ads can sometimes be helpful, but not when I’ve already purchased t…

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment

Want to get back the money you’ve sent someone on PayPal? In some cases, you can cancel your payment and get your funds back. Here’s what you can do when you’ve sent a payment and you’d like to reverse it on PayPal….

These Are the First Wi-Fi 7 Routers From ASUS

Wi-Fi 7 isn’t even out, yet many routers, and devices, are coming with support for the upcoming standard already. Now, ASUS is joining that list with its very first Wi-Fi 7 routers, and of course, they’re gaming-focused….

5 DuckDuckGo Features You Should Be Using

DuckDuckGo is primarily known for its focus on privacy. But the search engine (and now browser) offers several helpful features, many of which aren’t even available on Google or Bing. So if you are new to DuckDuckGo, here ar…

The 10 Articles Our Readers Liked Best in 2022

We published a lot of tutorials, editorials, reviews, and news stories in 2022—and you read them all, right? Joking aside, there are certain articles our readers really loved this year. Let’s take a look back at the top ten…

How to Fix Cloudflare’s Error 1020: Access Denied

It can be frustrating to see “Error 1020: Access Denied” pop up on the screen when attempting to access a website. Thankfully, there is usually an easy way to fix this error and reach these blocked websites and pages….
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