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How to Make an Ethernet Cable Even Longer

Looking to extend your existing Ethernet cable or want to bypass the maximum length limit without sacrificing the performance? You will be happy to know that there are several ways to make an Ethernet cable longer….

How Long Can an Ethernet Cable Be?

Whether you want to wire your entire house or are just looking to run a cable to the next room, you are bound to wonder about Ethernet cable length limits, and whether you’re risking connection problems. Here’s everything you…

What Is Ethernet?

Experts often recommend Ethernet as a quick fix to your Internet speed woes or latency issues at home. But what is it, and how can you use it? Here’s a quick primer on what you need to know about Ethernet….

What Is an Ethernet Cable?

If you’ve ever shopped for home networking, there is an excellent chance you have heard about Ethernet cables. But what are they for, why would you want to use them, and how do they differ?

Smart DNS vs. VPNs: Which Is Better?

If you’re trying to circumvent geographical restrictions on certain websites, you have two major options. A VPN, which creates a tunnel through the internet, or a Smart DNS that can reroute specific traffic to the regional se…

What Is a Data Packet?

Like anything else, computer data is easiest to move when it’s divided into smaller portions. In networking, these portions are referred to as “data packets” or simply “packets.” Here’s what you need to know about them….

What Is a CDN, and Why Do Companies Use Them?

Services you probably use every day, from Netflix to Amazon, rely on something called a CDN, or Content Distribution (sometimes “Delivery”) Network. So what are these special computer networks for, and why are they so import…

How to Check Your PayPal Balance

Whether you’re expecting a payment from someone, or you want to see if you have enough funds to buy something, it’s easy to check your PayPal account balance. We’ll show you how to do that on your desktop and mobile phone….

How to Recover Deleted Yahoo! Emails

If you’ve mistakenly deleted an important email, Yahoo offers you two options to recover your email. You can either find and restore your email from the “Deleted Items” or the “Trash” folder, or request Yahoo to restore your …

The 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Services

There’s no shortage of great options if you’re looking for free cloud storage. Plenty of companies will let you store several gigabytes in the cloud, and all you need to do is create an account. We’ve put together our five fa…

DuckDuckGo’s Cheat Sheet Feature Is Awesome

The DuckDuckGo search engine is mainly known for its privacy, but it also offers a little-known productivity feature. You can quickly pull up lists of keyboard shortcuts or basic code using a cheat sheet search….

How to Send a Video Through Email

Like all other files, it’s possible to send videos via emails and you can do this with any email provider. There are two ways to do it, and your choice depends on the video’s file size. Let’s take a look….

How to Change Your PayPal Password

PayPal makes it easy to change your current password so you can use a stronger password in your account. You can currently only do this from PayPal’s website and not the mobile app. We’ll show you how….

How to Attach a Folder to an Email

Do you want to attach an entire folder to an email instead of individual files? If so, you’ll have to first turn your folder into a ZIP file, as email services don’t allow attaching folders to email. Here’s what to do….
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