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Why You Should Give Fortnite a Shot (Again)

It’s been a few years since the world lost its collective mind over the Fortnite craze, but the game has shown little signs of slowing down. If you haven’t tried the game before, or you put it down a while ago, now might be …

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Just Got a Big Upgrade

NVIDIA GeForce NOW is one of the best cloud gaming services, offering a PC-like gaming experience on nearly any device. NVIDIA has started rolling out an update to dramatically boost game performance and quality….

Google Stadia Is Finally Shutting Down

Google was one of the very first companies to jump on the game streaming bandwagon with Stadia in 2019. But after its many woes, the company has finally come clean, and it’s killing Stadia for good.

15 Video Games to Try If You Don’t Play Games

Video games are more accessible and varied than ever, but it can be easy to dismiss the medium if you’re not already familiar with it. Whether you start with a few mobile games or take the plunge and purchase a console like t…

Why I Prefer Cloud Gaming Over a PC or Console

I’ve played more games in the cloud than on a dedicated PC or console since late 2019. During this time, I’ve traded in the common limitations of native gaming for an untethered, more versatile experience. These are the six r…

Google Stadia Is Dead, Long Live Google Stadia

Google’s game streaming service, Stadia, is a technically-impressive platform that has been plagued with countless management and publishing issues. Now that Google has shifted its business to serving other game platforms, an…

Mouse and Keyboard Coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming keeps growing, and Microsoft is one of the leaders in the space. The company is looking to appeal to hardcore gamers by adding support for mouse and keyboard to its cloud gaming service, though it isn’t clear exa…
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