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How to Connect Your Chromebook to a TV

Chromebooks are portable devices that don’t usually have big screens. However, you may want a big screen from time to time, which is when it’s handy to share the screen to a TV. We’ll show you how.

How to Turn Off the Touch Screen on Chromebook

Many Chromebooks have touchscreen displays, which are great if you like to use your laptop in “tablet mode.” However, if you don’t use the touchscreen, it may just be a source of accidental touches. You can turn it off….

How to Turn Off Caps Lock on a Chromebook

Chromebooks have very unique keyboard layouts. Where most keyboards have a Caps Lock key, Chromebooks have a search key instead. Using Caps Lock takes a little extra work, which means turning it off is a little more complex t…

How to Restart a Chromebook

Every device needs to be restarted from time to time. It’s usually a pretty simple process that can solve little issues you’ve been having. How does it work for Chromebooks? Let’s take a look.

10 Chromebook Features You Should Be Using

Chromebooks may not be as feature-packed as a Windows laptop or MacBook, but they’re still incredibly useful devices. There are probably some features you don’t know about that can extend the functionality of your Chrome OS d…

How to Use TikTok on a Chromebook

TikTok is very much designed to be experienced on a vertical smartphone display. However, you don’t have to just use your iPhone or Android phone. We’ll show you how to use TikTok on a Chromebook.

How to See All Open Windows at Once on a Chromebook

If you find yourself knee-deep in open apps and windows on your Chromebook, you may want some help to find what you need. Chrome OS has a similar feature to “Task View” on Windows 10 and 11. Chrome OS calls it “Overview.” Let…

How to Find Downloads on a Chromebook

If you’ve downloaded a file through the Chrome browser on your Chromebook (or in Chrome OS), you might not know where it ended up. Luckily, there’s an obvious place to look—and a way to double-check if you’re not sure. Here…
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