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AT&T’s New Unlimited Plan Drops HBO Max

AT&T used to own Warner Media, which in turn owns HBO and its associated streaming services, but AT&T completed its sale of Warner to Discovery earlier this year. Now we’re seeing the first real-world effects of the d…

Do You Really Need Unlimited Data?

The holy grail of cellular plans is unlimited data. Everyone wants to be able to stream and download without worrying about going over limits. Do you actually need unlimited data, though? Here are some things to consider….

What Does “LTE” Mean on a Phone?

Curious about the LTE symbol on your smartphone? It’s one of the many wireless standards that allow you to communicate on the go. But what does LTE mean, and how is it different from 5G?

Why Unlimited Mobile Data Isn’t Actually Unlimited

“Unlimited” is a big word in the mobile world. Everyone wants a data plan with no limitations. That’s why carriers love to use the word, but “Unlimited” rarely means truly unlimited. There are a few reasons for that….
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