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Nothing Teases Its Next Pair of Earbuds

Hardware maker Nothing has gained plenty of press attention due to its products, including a smartphone and a pair of affordable ANC earbuds, as well as CEO Carl Pei’s marketing antics. The company will launch the Ear (Stick)…

Headphone Impedance and Sensitivity Explained

Sensitivity and impedance are both important factors for headphones, but they can be tough to understand. We’ll take a look at both and show you why they’re important and how to use that knowledge while headphone shopping….

What Is Audio Distortion, and What Causes It?

Spend any time shopping for audio products, whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker or an audiophile headphone amp, and you’ll hear about distortion. But what is audio distortion, and where does it come from in the first place?…

What Is Multipoint Bluetooth?

Multipoint Bluetooth aims to let your earbuds, headphones, or portable speaker pull double duty, switching between taking calls on your phone and watching a movie on your laptop. But how does that work, and how can it work fo…

How to Get Started Listening to Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a great option for music fans who want to build a physical music collection. But getting started can be intimidating if you’ve only ever listened to music on your phone. Here’s everything you need to know….

What Is a Preamp?

Preamps appear in all kinds of audio setups, from headphones to home theaters. But what are they, and what can they do for you. These devices are fairly simple, but they’re used in some complex ways.

Whole Home Audio: Wired or Wireless?

The idea of music floating through every room in your home seems fantastic, but getting there isn’t always easy. Choosing between a wired or wireless multi-room audio setup can be tricky, but we’re here to help….

Speaker Impedance: What Are Ohms in Speakers?

If you’re buying a new amplifier or speakers, paying attention to the impedance of each is important. Why? Because a mismatch can seriously damage either of them. Let’s take a look at how to avoid that….

What Is Digital Signal Processing (DSP)?

Look at earbuds, home theater systems, or any number of audio electronics, and you’ll see the term “digital signal processing” (DSP) tossed around. Let’s explore what this term actually means, and what it’s doing to your audi…

What Are Decibels (dB)?

Units of measurement can be tricky, especially when it comes to things we can’t see or feel. You’ve probably heard the volume of sounds described in decibels before, but what does that really mean? Let’s take a look….

Home Theater Wiring: What Are All Those Connections?

A home theater system can bring a cinematic experience into your home, but the TV’s back panel can be daunting. With so many connections and types of cables, how do you know what to plug in where? It’s simpler than it seems….

What Is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)?

If you work in a busy office or have a noisy commute, noise-canceling headphones are a treat. But have you ever thought about how active noise cancellation works? While blocking out sound seems simple, it actually involves ad…

What Is Spatial Audio, and How Does It Work?

If you’ve shopped for headphones or other audio tech lately, you’ve likely come across the term “spatial audio.” Let’s take a look at how this immersive technology is changing the way we listen to music, movies, and more….
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