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What Is an M4A File, and How Do I Open One?

An M4A file is an audio file—not to be mistaken with an audiophile—which is an appreciator of music and acoustics of all kinds. Like many other types of audio files, ones with the M4A extension can be opened with multiple…

8 Reasons Music CDs Are Still Worth Buying

In a world where streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget the benefits of buying a CD. But before you turn your back on CDs, here are eight reasons why they’re still worth considerin…

What Is Sonos Trueplay?

Proper audio design can be challenging, given how much stuff we cram into our homes. Sound waves are dynamic signals that bounce all over the place, so picking the ideal spot for your speakers can be quite the trial. Sonos gi…

How to Match Speakers With Your Amp or Receiver

Buying speakers can be a daunting process. Is matching up the wattage enough, or are there other important specs? How many watts do you need? We’ll show you everything you need to know when buying speakers or a receiver….

Lossless vs. Hi-Res Audio: What’s the Difference?

Streaming services are starting to make a big point of offering lossless audio, hi-res audio, or both, but which matters more? We’ll take a look at what both qualities mean and what the differences between them actually are….

What Is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

If you’ve looked into producing music, podcasts, or other audio projects, you’ve likely heard talk of digital audio workstations. So what are these tools, who are they meant for, and how do you know which one you should use? …

How to Get Better Laptop Sound Quality

Laptop speakers are frequently disappointing, with all but a handful of models to choose from if sound quality is a high priority. So what can you do about it, and what’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to laptop so…

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay

Bluetooth is great for music or audiobooks, but as soon as you’re watching videos or gaming, it can introduce latency that makes everything look like a bad dub. Bluetooth speakers and headphones will always have lag, but ther…
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