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How Do Audiobooks Work on Spotify?

Spotify wants to be your one-stop for all your listening needs. It has music, podcasts, and most recently, audiobooks. The audiobook experience on Spotify is a bit different than you might expect. Let’s take a look….

Do You Even Need a Note-Taking App?

Taking notes has come a long way since the loose leaf in my school notebooks were covered with swirly doodles and repeated attempts at a cool signature. Today every thought can be quickly recorded and collated in elaborate co…

How to Unblock Spotify

Spotify is one of the best ways to stream music on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, but it’s not always accessible everywhere. We’ll go over a few ways in which you can unblock Spotify, no matter if it’s your school, employ…

Should You Bother With an Email Signature?

Email signatures ostensibly make your communiqués look like they’re wearing a nice suit, but really, it’s just an extra part of the email that we can’t help but read. No one likes to read more emails than they have to….

Now Even Walmart Wants to See You Half-Naked

The only small physical space people like to spend less time in than a change room is a portable toilet, and even then, it’s close. We tend to approach trying on pants in a department store like defusing a bomb. If it doesn’t…

How to Block a Domain in Gmail

You might already be stopping emails from certain senders from flooding your inbox. But sometimes, you’ll receive several emails with different addresses, yet all from the same domain. You can block that entire domain in Gma…

How to Conduct a Poll in Google Meet

Looking for some honest opinions? By conducting a poll in Google Meet, you can obtain the responses you need to make a decision, perform research, or see if everyone is on the same page. After the meeting ends, you’ll even re…

10 Google Maps Features You Should Be Using

Google Maps is not only one of the company’s best products, it’s one of the best products in the internet age in general. Maps has tons of features you might not be familiar with. We’ll share some of the best….

What Is a Podcast?

Podcasts have boomed in popularity over the last decade, but they’ve been around much longer than that. Sometimes it feels like everyone on the planet has a podcast. What’s the story behind this form of audio entertainment?…

10 Very Weird Spotify Playlists

Playlists are a huge part of Spotify, and anyone can create their own public playlists for others to enjoy. People get very creative with playlists—as they should—but some take it to the extreme. Let’s get weird….
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