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How to Post on Reddit

You’ve probably used Reddit to look up answers to your questions, but why not try asking a question yourself or sharing your advice there? It’s easier to do that than you think. We’ll show you how to post on Reddit from any d…

How to Remove Memories in Google Photos

Google Photos resurfaces old photos and videos in an aptly named feature called “Memories.” However, not all memories are good memories, and you may not want to be reminded of certain things. Thankfully, Google lets you remov…

Wikipedia Has a Fresh New Look

Wikipedia has largely looked the same for the last decade, with no major variations to its design. Now, though, Wikipedia has rolled out what might be its largest redesign ever.

How to Make Spotify Louder

Is Spotify’s volume too quiet when you’re listening to music and podcasts? Even if you’ve already moved the volume slider to maximum, you can change one setting in your Spotify app to get louder audio. Here’s how to enable it…

How to Mass Delete Emails in Gmail

Have you let your Gmail inbox become cluttered and overrun? Maybe you’re looking for a quick way to mass delete newsletters or emails from a specific domain name. Here’s how to tidy up your Gmail account in record time….

How to Add Your Resume on LinkedIn

Adding your resume on LinkedIn allows recruiters to view your career achievements and potentially contact you for available job positions. You can upload your resume to your profile, a job listing, or a regular feed post. We’…

How to Share Your Screen on Discord

Whether you want to show your gaming skills to your friends, or you’d like them to see your app window, it’s easy to share your screen over Discord. You can share your screen in a server or a DM (Direct Message) on your Windo…

How to Change Your Reddit Username

Want to go by a different username on Reddit? While Reddit limits when you can change your username, there are specific instances where it’s possible. We’ll explore your available options.

Telegram Has One Last Big Update for 2022

Telegram is perhaps one of the best instant messaging apps, as its developers are constantly adding new features and improving existing ones. Now, the app is adding a set of new features and improvements, just in time for 202…

10 Discord Features You Should Be Using

Discord is one of the most popular messaging services around. Even though it was originally designed with gaming in mind, it’s now a great general-purpose chat and organization app, with plenty of features you might not know …

6 Best Free Email Accounts, Ranked

Need an email account and don’t want to pay for it? Sometimes “free” means great features, less hassle, and exactly what you need without the fluff. Here are six free email services to check out, ranked from best to still gre…

The 6 Best Note Taking Apps of 2023

There’s nothing worse than jotting down a note and leaving it behind or losing it in a stack of paper. With note taking software, you can take your notes wherever you go or access them from any computer. Find the one for you …
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