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The Vivaldi Browser Is Coming to iPhone

Safari is a good browser, but if you’re using an iPhone, you’ve probably been tempted by the many choices that are present on the Apple App Store. Now, a new one is joining the list, as the Vivaldi browser is working on an i…

Mozilla Is Giving Thunderbird Mail a New Logo

It’s been often said that Thunderbird, despite having active support for years, has remained a little… Stagnant. The app still looks a lot like the email client that became popular in the 2000s, which isn’t a great thing. L…

Plex’s Lifetime Pass is Cheaper Than Ever Today

Plex touts itself as a streaming app for everyone, and it’s easy to see why. Contrary to services like Netflix, Plex is completely free, with a subscription geared not towards unlocking more content, but giving you actual fe…

You Can Now Call a Number to Get an Uber Ride

Uber has probably become your “old reliable” for getting a drive from one place to the other. And while you can currently get one through the app, what happens if you don’t have mobile data? Luckily, Uber is getting a more ol…

1Password’s Passkey Support Has Arrived

Many think of passkeys as the future of online authentication. Someone else knowing your password can be catastrophic to your online life, and while two-factor authentication helps, there are ways to secure yourself even furt…

Notepad++ Just Got an Update

Notepad++ might be one of the best free text editors around, at least if you’re on a Windows PC. Following updates earlier this year focused on support for Windows 11 and large files, another upgrade for Notepad++ has arrived…

Waze is Coming to Even More Cars

If you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, Waze might be the most helpful tool for you. Now, the app is getting even better, according to announcements from Google I/O 2023.

Uber Might Let You Book a Flight

Uber might be the app you go to whenever you want to get from point A to point B. Now, though, it’s been looking to expand a lot further. Uber is now testing out the ability to book flights right from the app….

What Is WhatsApp Plus, and Should You Use It?

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial Android app based on WhatsApp, the famous and frequently used mobile messaging app. However, WhatsApp Plus is not made by the same company. It’s a modified version of WhatsApp, and we recommend …

Gmail is Getting More Ads

No one likes websites and services filled with ads, but Gmail’s advertising has been relatively unintrusive over the years. Recently, though, that’s changing for some people.
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