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How to Automatically Switch Apple Watch Faces

You can change your Apple Watch face automatically throughout the day based on time, location, or activity. Whether you want to display work-related apps while on the job or something more simple for when you want to switch o…

10 Apple Watch Workout Tips You Need to Know

Want to make the most of your workouts? The Workout app on your Apple Watch can help. From setting and tracking workout goals to using a shortcut to quickly pause your exercise sessions, you’ll find plenty of Apple Watch work…

12 Apple Watch Features You Should Be Using

Apple packs a ton of exciting and useful features into the Apple Watch. Whether you’re considering buying an Apple Watch or want to maximize the use of the one you already own, you’ll find some helpful tips and tricks here….

How to Close an Apple Watch App

Need to close an Apple Watch app due to a freeze or buggy behavior? Closing apps on your watch isn’t straightforward—it all depends on how your watch is set up. This quick guide can help.

How to Control Your Apple Watch with Your iPhone

With the right Apple Watch, iPhone, and software combination, you can control your wearable using your smartphone. Apple added the Watch Mirroring feature under the umbrella of accessibility, but it’s a neat trick that anyone…

How to Enable Low Power Mode on Apple Watch

There are several ways to squeeze out more battery life from your Apple Watch. But in case you needed one more, Apple introduced a new Low Power Mode in watchOS 9. Here’s what it does and how you can enable it….

Your Apple Watch Can Now Download watchOS 9

The Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2022, and Apple Watch Ultra were all revealed last week. Thankfully, if you already have a (supported) Apple Watch, there’s a new software update rolling out with some of the new model…

10 Reasons You Might Want an Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra stole the show at Apple’s September 2022 iPhone event, introducing a new tier of wearable for adventurers, divers, and extreme sports fans. Even if you don’t need it, there are some compelling reasons yo…

The Apple Watch Ultra Is Ready for Extreme Sports

Apple held its latest hardware event today, where it announced a handful of new smartwatches. We have the Apple Watch Series 8, as well as a revision to the Apple Watch SE. But if you need something that can keep up with your…

Apple Watch SE 2022 Gets Cheaper and Faster

Apple added an “SE” model to its Apple Watch lineup in 2020, and now it’s back with a new Apple Watch SE for 2022. The updated model includes some important improvements for a lower price.

Do You Need a Fitness Tracker to Start Running?

One of the big things that stops people from getting started with running is gear. There are plenty of fancy gadgets for running out there, but what do you actually need? Is a fitness tracker essential for running?…

How to Pair an Apple Watch

Pairing an Apple Watch should be a relatively simple affair, but things don’t always go to plan. Here’s how to pair, and what to do if things aren’t working as they should.

How to Eject Water From Your Apple Watch

You don’t have to use your Apple Watch water lock whenever you take a dip, but there are plenty of good reasons to do so. One of which is the ability to eject any water still stuck in the Watch, preventing damage to the speak…

How to Use Water Lock on an Apple Watch

If you intend to get your Apple Watch wet or are a bit clumsy when it comes to accidental taps, you can use the water lock feature to prevent unwanted input and clear water out of the speakers when you’re done….
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