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How to Find Your Apple Music Replay

Spotify Wrapped is the big name when it comes to recapping what you’ve been listening to, but it’s not the only option. If you prefer Apple Music, we’ll show you how to use its answer to Wrapped, Apple Music Replay….

What Is Apple Music, and Should You Use It?

At first glance, all music streaming services are the same. This may be true on some level, but Apple Music takes a different approach than some of its competitors. Let’s take a look at what makes Apple Music special….

How to Share a Playlist on Apple Music

Sharing playlists is a great way to introduce friends to your favorite music. It’s easy on Apple Music, though sometimes you can run into problems. We’ll show you how to share your playlist, and what to do if you’re not seein…

How to Listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC

If you subscribe to the Apple Music streaming music service, you probably usually listen on an Apple device such as a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. But you can also enjoy Apple Music on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC equally as well. …

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

iTunes may be dead on macOS, but it’s still alive and kicking on Windows. Migrating away from iTunes is recommended, but if you still want to sync your existing iTunes music collection with Android, you can by following these…

Where Are iTunes Features in macOS Catalina?

With macOS Catalina, iTunes is gone once and for all. Music, videos, and podcasts have new apps, and Finder now handles syncing and device backups. Here’s what you need to know in a post-iTunes world.

How to Remove Duplicate Songs From iTunes

If you do a lot of downloading outside the iTunes store, songs in your library can get jumbled up, leaving you with duplicate albums. If you’d like to know whether you’ve downloaded something twice, it’s easy to tell in iTune…

How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3

There are a lot of sketchy “audio converters” out there trying to get you to pay $20 for something you can do for free with this hidden feature in iTunes. It’s simple to use and works with your pre-existing library….

How to Move Your iTunes Music to a Chromebook

If you switch between platforms a lot, you know it’s a hassle to move your stuff around. Fortunately, music files don’t have any sort of DRM tying them to a specific platform the way that movies do, so you can copy and past…

How to Use Apple Music on Your Sonos

Although Apple has a bad reputation for playing nice with the other kids, some services, like Apple Music, are nicely cross platform. You can even set it up on your Sonos smart speaker. Here’s how.

How to Add Your Own Music to Apple Music

Apple Music has been available to the public for just about a month now, and so far the service looks like it will only continue to pick up steam as more non-streaming iPhone owners convert. But what do you do if you want to…

How to Remove the Connect Feature in Apple Music

Love Apple Music, but tired of the intrusive Connect feature taking up space on your favorite artist’s page? Well, don’t worry, because getting “dis-Connected” is just a matter of changing a few simple settings in your iPhone…
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