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How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung

If you’re experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or network on your Samsung phone, it’s worth resetting your network settings to resolve those issues. We’ll show you how to do that using your Galaxy phone’s Settings …

How to Clear Your Cache on a Samsung Phone

Clearing your Samsung phone’s cache can help fix various app issues and improve the overall performance of your Galaxy phone. We’ll show you how to clear Android’s app and browser cache in this guide.

How to Check Your Voicemail on Android

Did you know that you can call your voicemail on your phone or someone else’s? Major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and US Cellular make it easy. Here’s how to check your voicemail on Android….

Samsung’s Top-Tier Tablets Now Have Android 13

Samsung is perhaps one of the only Android device makers to take tablets seriously. The company’s Galaxy Tab S8 lineup is just as premium as its Galaxy S22 range of smartphones, and now, it’s getting a dose of Android 13….

How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

Are there apps on your device that you want to keep private? If so, it’s easy to hide both stock and user-installed apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone. We’ll show you how to do that using a built-in feature….

How to Turn Off Data Saver Mode on Android

Data Saver mode on Android helps save your mobile internet data. Data Saver mode ensures apps and services only use background data when on Wi-Fi. However, if you have an unlimited data plan, Data Saver isn’t necessary. Learn…

How to Turn Off the Keyboard Sound on Any Device

Does the sound you hear when you press a key on your screen’s keyboard sound like nails on a chalkboard to you? If so, you can turn the keyboard sound off on your iPhone and iPad, as well as your Windows and Android devices. …

What the Heck Is a Minimalist Phone?

Smartphones put the world at our fingertips, but the unfettered access to dopamine can be too much sometimes. What if there was a way to get the best of a smartphone without all the distractions? Enter “minimalist” phones….

How to Turn Off an Android Phone

Ready to give your Android a break? It’s easy to turn off your Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone using the hardware buttons or the on-screen options. We’ll show you how to use both.

How to Record Audio on an Android Phone

There are many reasons why you might want to record audio on your Android phone. For example, you may want to take voice notes or record a phone call. Luckily, recording sound on Android is super simple using built-in options…

How to Clear the Cache on Android

Clearing the cache on an Android phone allows you to fix various phone issues and free up your storage space. Cache files are temporary and can be deleted without disrupting your apps. Here’s how to clear your app and browse…

How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

When you finish troubleshooting your phone, you’ll want to turn off Safe Mode on Android. There are multiple ways to do this, and we’ll go over them here. Stuck in Safe Mode? We’ll show you how to fix that too….

The Galaxy Watch 5 Is a Better Pixel Watch

Samsung phones are great, but they’re overloaded with features—Google Pixel phones offer a better Android experience for most people. However, I can’t say the same about the Pixel Watch. Samsung out-Googled Google this time…

5 Android Screenshot Tricks You Should Know

Android’s diverse landscape of devices makes for a lot of variety in features. Take screenshots, for example—there are many ways to take and edit them. We’ll show you some of the tricks you may not know about….
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