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How to Turn On the Flashlight on Android

Whether you have trouble finding your home keys in dark, or you want to brighten up your path, turn on your Android phone’s camera flash and use it as a flashlight. We’ll show you three different ways to do that….

7 Ways to Improve Notifications on Android

Android notifications are head and shoulders above iPhone notifications, but they’re certainly not perfect. You can improve them with a few of Android’s built-in features. We’ll show you the settings to tweak to make Android …

How to Unpair a Samsung Galaxy Watch

The first thing you do when setting up a new Samsung Galaxy Watch is pair it to your phone. Naturally, there are times you may want to unpair it. We’ll show you the two different ways to do that.

How to Adjust Vibration Strength on Android

You might think your Android phone only has the option to turn vibration on or off. Just like a ringtone’s volume level, you can also adjust the strength of the vibration for different notifications. We’ll show you how it wor…

How to Reset a Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you’re selling your Samsung Galaxy Watch—or maybe it’s acting up—it’s a good idea to reset it. This will take the watch back to its factory settings, and let you or someone else set it up from scratch….

How to Take a Screenshot on a Galaxy Watch

If a device has a screen, there’s a good chance someone will want to take a screenshot of it. You can take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Watch too, and it’s not as complicated as you might think.

What to Do With Your Old Phone Cases

If you have a phone, there’s a good chance you have a case on it. That means you probably also have some old cases lying around, even if you don’t have the phone anymore. What can you do with them?

Smartphones Need More Physical Buttons

Smartphone design has changed a lot over the years. Slide-out keyboards and headphone jacks have been discarded for sleek, slim designs. We’ve also seen the number of buttons get chopped down, and I think that needs to change…

How to Split the Screen on Android

By splitting your Android phone’s screen virtually, you can work with any two apps at once. The first app fills the top half of your screen and the second one fills the bottom half. We’ll show you how to use this productive f…
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