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When Is Android 12’s Release Date?

As of summer 2021, Android 12 is the latest version of Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system. Developer previews became available in early 2021, and the first beta dropped in May. But when will Android 12 be ready f…

How to Lock Apps to the Screen on Android

Handing your phone to someone can feel like handing over your whole life. There’s usually a lot of personal information they can access. Android’s “App Pinning” feature can help by preventing someone from leaving an app. Here…

How to See Your Most-Used Apps on Android

Smartphones are great, but a lot of people worry that they’re using them too much. If you’re curious about which apps are taking up your time, we’ll show you how to get some insight with Digital Wellbeing tools….

How to Search the Settings Menu on Android

The Android Settings menu can sometimes feel like a disorganized mess. Things have slowly gotten better over the years, but it still varies greatly by the device. Thankfully, you can now simply search for the setting you want…

How to Update Apps and Games on Android

An important part of making sure that your Android phone is running smoothly and securely is keeping apps and games updated. It’s not exactly obvious how you’re supposed to do that, but we’ll show you how it’s done….

How to Use the Conversation Widget on Android

Smartphones might be able to make calls, but most people are using them to send messages. With Android’s “Conversation Widget,” it’s easier than ever to keep up with all your chats. Here’s how to put them front and center, ri…

What Is the Privacy Dashboard on Android?

Privacy is a growing concern for smartphone users. Apple has been leading the charge when it comes to better privacy features, but Google is improving Android as well. A feature called the “Privacy Dashboard” lays it all out …

How to Share Audio Recordings from Google Recorder

Google Recorder is sneakily one of the search giant’s coolest apps on Pixel smartphones. It can transcribe audio recordings into text, which makes them easily searchable, and those recordings can be accessed and shared from t…

How to Type with Your Voice on Android

A touch screen keyboard isn’t always the best way to enter text. Sometimes it’s just not fast enough, or your hands aren’t free. Using your voice to type can be super helpful on Android.

How to Change Notification Sounds on Android

Notifications on Android are a key part of the smartphone experience, and the sounds that go with them are equally as important. If you’re hearing notification sounds all day, you might as well make them sound better. Here’s…

How to Edit Screenshots on Android

Every Android device allows you to take screenshots, but what do you do after you take one? Many Android smartphones and tablets now immediately give you some options after taking a screenshot. It’s easy to make quick edits b…

How to Edit and Crop Photos on Android

Editing or cropping a photo may seem like a pretty simple thing to do, but if you don’t know where to look, it can be frustrating. We’ll show you how to use the easiest photo editor for Android.
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