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How to Use Two Apps Side by Side on Android

Smartphones have become important tools for productivity, and nothing signifies that more than using multiple apps at a time. All Android devices support the ability to run apps side by side in split-screen mode. We’ll show y…

How to See Android 12’s Hidden Easter Egg

If there’s one thing Google loves, it’s hiding “Easter Eggs” in its products. You can find them in Chrome, the Play Store, and Android itself. Every version has a hidden “Easter Egg,” let’s take a look at Android 12….

How to Change the Theme Color on Android

Android 12 introduced a theming engine called “Material You.” By simply switching wallpapers, you can completely change the colors of the Android UI. It’s super easy to do and has a dramatic effect. We’ll show you….

How to Block Calls on Android

One of the most annoying things about carrying a phone in your pocket everywhere is unwanted phone calls. Whether they’re spam calls or someone you don’t want to talk to anymore, we’ll show you how to block them on Android….

Android 12 Has Windows Phone’s Best Idea

Android 12’s most noticeable feature is the new “Material You” UI with system-wide color theming. Simply change your wallpaper, and the phone’s UI matches the colors. A smartphone OS of yesteryear had a similar idea years ago…

How to Forget a Wi-Fi Network on Android

You’ve probably connected to many different Wi-Fi networks over time. So, how can you get your Android device to stop connecting to a specific network? You need to make your device “forget” it.

The Best Samsung Phones of 2021

There are many Android phones to choose from, and the biggest producer of those phones is Samsung. It makes many popular phones, but also some you may not know about. We’ll show you the best ones out there….

How to Star Your Favorite Text Messages on Android

We’ve all had that moment where you’re scrolling through text messages trying to find something important that was said. Google’s Messages app for Android lets you “star” those messages to easily find them later on….

What Is an Android App Bundle (AAB)?

If you’ve looked into the inner workings of Android, you’ve heard the term “APK.” However, a newer term, “Android App Bundle” (AAB), is becoming more prevalent. So what is an AAB, and does it replace APKs? Let’s talk about th…

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Android

Taking a screenshot is a core Android feature, but it has changed a bit over the years. Android 11 introduced a new screenshot UI, and Android 12 builds upon that. We’ll show you how to capture long scrolling screenshots….

How to Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Android phones all generally work the same, but there are plenty of small differences. Samsung Galaxy phones, in particular, have some unique quirks. If you have a Samsung device, there are multiple ways to take a screenshot….
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