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Why Do People Want Stock Android on Their Phones?

You’ve seen people wax lyrical about “stock” Android online, but you’re not entirely sure what that means. The short answer is that it’s “pure” Android straight from Google, but that doesn’t explain why so many hardcore Andro…

How to Check Battery Health on Android

Battery life is something most people think about, but what about battery health? This is important for the long-term usability of your phone. Unlike the iPhone, Android devices don’t have a super-easy way to check this….

How to Monitor and Block Ad Trackers on Android

Apps you install on Android often collect data about you and your activity for the app developers and their affiliates. With a tool developed at the University of Oxford, you can see those trackers and even stop them in their…

Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is something many people take for granted as always being there. It can be very frustrating when your phone seems to have issues staying connected. There are a lot of things that can cause that to happen….

How to Turn Off Keyboard Vibration on Android

Most keyboard apps have subtle vibration—also known as “haptic feedback”—to help make typing on a touchscreen feel more tactile. If you’d rather not feel your Android phone buzz with every tap, this can be turned off….

PSA: You Can Make Your Android Screen Extra Dim

Screen brightness is something you probably don’t think about a lot—until it’s annoying. Sometimes looking at your phone at the lowest brightness still seems too bright. For those situations, Android has “Extra Dim.”…

How to Turn Off Auto Brightness on Android

Light sensors have made it possible for displays on Android phones to automatically adjust the brightness to match your surroundings. This is handy, but it’s not perfect. We’ll show you how to turn it off and control brightne…

The Best USB-C Cables of 2022

Searching for the perfect USB-C cable to suit your needs and charge all of your devices? You’re in luck! We’ve combed through a bunch of them and have found the best USB-C cables on the market.

Stop Closing Apps on Your Android Phone

Since its birth, Android has had to deal with one big misconception. Some phone makers have even helped perpetuate this myth. The truth is you do not need to kill Android apps. In fact, closing apps can make things worse….

What Is “Stock Android”?

You may have heard the term “Stock Android” thrown around in the smartphone world. People usually use this term to describe the user experience on a phone. However, the meaning of “Stock Android” has changed over the years….

The Best Google Pixel 6 Pro Cases of 2022

The Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s 2021 flagship phone, and it features a unique design. But, if you want to keep it in a pristine condition, a case is a wise investment given the slippery nature of the phone. Here are the best Pixe…

The Best Google Pixel 6 Cases of 2022

The Pixel 6 marks Google’s return to the premium smartphone segment, and like most premium phones, it’s a glass sandwich. So if you want to keep the phone looking fantastic, investing in a case is a good idea. Here are the be…
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