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What Is Android System WebView?

If you use an Android device, you may have come across an app called Android System WebView. It’s a system app that regularly receives updates via the Google Play store. But what does it do, and should you remove it?…

Android 13 Is Boring, and That’s a Good Thing

Android 13 is Google’s release for 2022, and it’s not exactly the most exciting version of Android we’ve ever seen. There aren’t many big features that everyone will immediately notice. Is that really a bad thing, though?…

Why Is Samsung Named “Samsung”?

In the word of technology, there aren’t many names bigger than Samsung. This behemoth company makes everything from smartphones to refrigerators. Where did the name “Samsung” come from, and does it mean anything significant?…

10 Google Pixel Features You Should Be Using

Google Pixel phones may not have as many features as Samsung Galaxy phones, but they’re not without cool things to do. We’ll show you some things you can do with a Pixel phone that you may not know about….

How to Compress Videos on Android

It’s pretty awesome to have the ability to record 4K videos with your Android phone, but sometimes the highest quality is just too much. To reduce the size of a video, your best option is to compress it….

The Fastest Way to Scan a QR Code on Android

QR codes have become increasingly common as more of the world transitions away from paper. All you need is your trusty Android phone to scan one, but how? We’ll show you the easiest and fastest way to do it….
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