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How to Zoom In on Your Android Screen

You can enlarge the text and icons on your phone, but what if you don’t want everything to be huge all the time? Android has a handy tool that allows you to zoom in on the screen whenever you want.

How to Control Your Android Phone With Your Face

The most direct way to use a touchscreen is to, well, touch it, but that’s not something everyone can do. Android’s expansive accessibility tools can help you navigate around the phone with only your eyes and facial expressio…

How to Reverse Image Search on Android

With reverse image search on Android, you can pick a photo from your phone and find more information or similar images on the internet. We’ll show you how to perform this search with the Google app.

How to Check Screen Time on Android

Everyone has a screen in their pocket, but that’s not always a good thing. Some people are concerned about how much they use their smartphones. Android devices include a handy tool to let you keep tabs on your screen time….

How to Clear Cookies and Site Data on Android

Websites can store data—like your login state, preferences, and even tracking information—in cookies, which are pieces of information your web browser remembers. You can clear browser cookies whenever you want: Here’s how…

How to Adjust Perspective of Photos on Android

There are many editing tools you’ve probably used before. Cropping, fixing redeye, adding filters, etc. Changing the perspective of a photo is not as common, but it’s also not as difficult as you might think, thanks to Google…

How to Set Up Amazon Kids+

Formerly known as Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon Kids+ is a monthly subscription offering unlimited access to thousands of games, videos, books, and songs for kids ages 3 and up. Here’s how to get started with it….
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