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How to Video Call on Android

In a world dominated by FaceTime, the question of how to video call on Android is a valid one. The good news is there isn’t just one video-calling option. Some are better—and easier—than others. Let’s get video chatting….

Nokia Has a New Logo

Nokia has shifted a lot over the decades. You might know it for its Android phones, or the Windows phones before that, or the legendary feature phones before that. But one thing has remained the same: the logo. Now, it’s chan…

This Mophie Portable Battery Also Has an AC Plug

Most of us are carrying around more devices than ever before, which has led to the popularity of more powerful battery banks. Morphie has a few new batteries to keep all your devices juiced up all the time, even if you’re on …

The OnePlus 11 Is Here, but With a Rough Start

Since its inception, OnePlus has always released its phones in the US, and since the OnePlus 6T, carriers like T-Mobile have sold its phones. The OnePlus 11 has been announced, and it’s a big step forward — but also a step …

More People Are Buying Used Phones

You don’t always need the greatest, shiniest thing when it comes to smartphones. After all, a new phone is often a very expensive purchase. More people are realizing that, as new numbers show used phones are more popular than…

Your Next Android Phone Might Have MagSafe

Apple’s MagSafe chargers combine the convenience of wireless charging with a secure magnetic lock that ensures charging won’t be interrupted. Now, MagSafe is going wide thanks to the new Qi 2 standard….

LineageOS 20 Brings Android 13 to Older Phones

Depending on what Android phone you get, you might have excellent or terrible software support. If your phone has already reached end-of-life, you still have options. One of the most popular ones is LineageOS, and it has just…

How Long Can You Keep Using an Android Phone?

Smartphones aren’t making significant strides every single year, which has led more people to keep their phone for two, three, or four years. Can the average Android phone last that long before running into problems, though?…

This Phone Has a 6.1-Inch E-Ink Display

E-ink panels are great for eReaders and the like, but for smartphones and other kinds of devices where screens are constantly refreshing, they’re not the most pleasant to use. But that’s not stopping this smartphone from Hise…

5 Common Android Problems and How to Fix Them

Android phones are great, but like any other gadgets, they have their fair share of problems. There are some problems that most Android users will encounter at one time or another. We’ll show you some fixes for these common i…

How to Block Websites on Android

Do you want to block a specific site so it won’t distract you when you’re working? Or maybe you want to restrict access to inappropriate sites? You can block websites on Android either with or without a dedicated app, and we’…

The Pixel 7 Now Has a Free Built-in VPN

Google released the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro earlier this year as the company’s new flagship Android smartphones. Now the devices are receiving a feature that normally requires a paid Google One subscription….
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