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What Is a Zero-Click Attack?

While “zero-day attacks” are bad enough—they’re named that because developers have had zero days to deal with the vulnerability before it’s out in the open—zero-click attacks are concerning in a different way….

How Do Drones Actually Fly?

Multirotor drones are now commonplace and advanced enough that anyone can fly them, yet most people probably don’t understand how they stay in the air. Understanding basic drone flight physics can make you into a better drone…

What Is Inside-Out Tracking in VR?

For virtual reality to work, the position of the headset in 3D space is crucial information. Inside-out VR tracking uses onboard cameras and machine learning to perform this measurement, and it’s quickly becoming the gold sta…

What Is Screen Tearing?

Screen tearing is ugly, distracting, and with the latest monitors and televisions entirely avoidable. If you’re looking at purchasing a new display for gaming, you should understand what screen tearing is, how it occurs, and …

What Is a Favicon?

You’ve probably noticed that websites have little icons that appear in your browser tabs. These icons make it easy to visually identify a website. They’re little logos for the website. There’s actually a special term for thes…

What Is a NanoCell TV?

The term “NanoCell TV” is one of many TV marketing terms designed to make TVs stand out in a crowded marketplace. This term was coined by LG, so you’ll find it on some LG TVs. Here’s what it actually means….

What Is a Crypto Token?

If you’ve been reading about crypto and the blockchain lately, you may have encountered people talking about “crypto tokens.” What exactly are these tokens and how do they differ from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Read on to…

What Is E-Ink, and How Does It Work?

If you’ve been reading physical books for a while and you’re looking to transition to digital copies, you might want to check out an E-Ink device. Read on to learn more about E-Ink, its benefits, and where the technology is g…

How Do Refresh Rates Affect Gaming?

A monitor’s refresh rate is an important specification you should pay close attention to if you’re buying a monitor for PC gaming or use with a modern console. This is especially true if you’re a competitive gamer looking for…

What Are Computer Files and Folders?

Files and folders are a common metaphor for storing data on a computer. Even a modern device that hides files from you as much as possible still uses them under the hood. Here’s a look at what files and folders are—and how …

What Is a 2-in-1 PC?

A “2-in-1 PC” usually refers to PC form factors that can act as both a tablet and a traditional computer. Windows 10, Windows 11, and Chrome OS all have tablet-optimized touch features, so it’s a great time to have it both wa…

What Is a 404 Error?

We’ve all experienced a 404 error while browsing the web. Maybe even on How-To Geek! What exactly do the numbers in this error mean, and why the numbers 404 specifically? Here’s why.

What Is Beta Testing?

Have you discovered an application you use has a “beta version” or features that are “in beta?” Beta testing is a crucial part of what makes the software we use daily stable and user-friendly. Here’s how it works….

What Is Judder, and Why Do TVs Have This Problem?

Have you noticed that motion isn’t always smooth on your TV when watching movies? This phenomenon is known as judder, and it happens when the frame rate of the content you are watching doesn’t divide evenly into the refresh r…

What Do “Serif” and “Sans Serif” Mean?

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for the perfect font, there are two terms you’ve probably noticed—“serif” and “sans serif.” Knowing what these terms mean will help you better understand what you’re looking for….

What Is Sound Leakage?

Have you ever sat next to someone on public transport and been able to hear exactly what song they were listening to, right down to the lyrics? This is an example of sound leakage, but it’s not only limited to cheap headphone…

What Is a WYSIWYG Editor?

WYSIWYG seems like a long acronym, but it’s an essential element of modern user interfaces. Here’s what it means and where you can see it on the internet.
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