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What Is a Nano IPS Display?

Manufacturers are always trying to improve the picture performance of monitors. As a result, we have seen several different display technologies over the years. And Nano IPS is one such technology. Here’s everything you need …

How to Locate a Hidden or Lost Bluetooth Device

If you suspect there is a hidden Bluetooth device in your house, apartment, or office—or you just lost a Bluetooth-capable device—there’s an easy way to track down its physical location thanks to an app on iPhone and Andr…

How to Restart a Phone Without the Power Button

Sometimes the physical power buttons on Android phones and iPhones stop working. The longer you use a device, the more likely that moving parts will fail. Can you restart a phone without the power button? There are options….

How to Add Wireless Charging to Any Phone

Wireless charging is one of those smartphone features that’s not essential, but it’s super convenient if you have it. You may think if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging there’s no way to retroactively add it. You’d be…

What Is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)?

If you’re shopping for a smartphone case, your choices in the material are often silicone, polycarbonate, hard plastics, and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). If you’re wondering what TPU is, we’re going to (figuratively) br…

What Is Digital Signal Processing (DSP)?

Look at earbuds, home theater systems, or any number of audio electronics, and you’ll see the term “digital signal processing” (DSP) tossed around. Let’s explore what this term actually means, and what it’s doing to your audi…

JPG vs. JPEG: Are They the Same Thing?

If you’ve used a computer, digital camera, or smartphone long enough, you’ve likely seen files with either JPG or JPEG extensions in them. But are they the same thing? What’s the difference? We’ll explain….

What Are Decibels (dB)?

Units of measurement can be tricky, especially when it comes to things we can’t see or feel. You’ve probably heard the volume of sounds described in decibels before, but what does that really mean? Let’s take a look….

What Is a Wiki?

The word “wiki” comes from Hawaiian and can be a verb meaning “To Hasten” or an adjective meaning “quick” or “fast.” But how in the world does that relate to Wikipedia?
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