How to Pimp Your Gaming PC: A Guide to Lights, Colors, and Other Mods

So you’ve built yourself a powerful gaming PC, and even gotten a case with a side panel window so you can see all your glorious work. The only problem? It looks a little…drab. Maybe the colors don’t match, maybe it’s too dark, or maybe your build is just a little messy. Here are some tips to take your custom PC from boring to badass–without spending a fortune.

How to Replace 7-Zip’s Ugly Icons with Better-Looking Ones

Normally, I wouldn’t mind too much that an app is ugly–especially one as mundane as a file archiver. But it’s not just 7-Zip’s in-app icons. It also changes your Windows icons for ZIP, 7Z, TGZ, and other archive file types to these horrific, blurry, pre-Vista-looking icons that permeate my hard drive. (See the screenshot above.)

How to Flash a New ROM to Your Android Phone

When you bought your phone it was cutting edge, had the latest version of Android, and made your heart sing. A year or two later, it doesn’t get new updates, and the performance is a little sluggish. You can breathe new life into your phone–not to mention add a ton of useful features–by flashing it with a new custom ROM.