How to Record 4K Video on the iPhone

If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, you can change the speed and resolution at which your phone captures recorded video and slow motion video. If you prefer to use less storage and really only look at your videos on your phone, a lower resolution can help you save space. If you want higher resolution captures (like 4K) or smoother video (like 60fps), bumping up the settings costs some storage space, but might be worth it for you.

How to Log Out in Windows 8 and 10

It may seem rudimentary, but if you’re new to Windows–or just upgrading from Windows 7–the simple option to sign out of your account is a bit hidden in Windows 8 and 10. And even we geeks can be baffled at times, especially when Microsoft decides to hide common features away in new places. You can still sign out of Windows from the Start menu; it’s just not part of the Power options any more.

How to Make a Shortcut Icon to Create a System Restore Point in Windows

Windows’ System Restore doesn’t get as much praise as it once did, even though it’s still an incredibly useful feature. Judging by the feedback on our own forums, it saves people from certain destruction on a nearly daily basis. The only problem is that it takes far too many steps to manually create a new restore point. Can’t we just make a shortcut icon for it? Turns out, yes, there are a couple of ways to do it.